Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by lirr42
Crabman1130 wrote:Are there any updates on the A line between Howard Beach and Broad Channel?
It's going to be months. The tracks are all mangled, no signal system, derbies all over the place, and damage to the bridge.
  by lirr42
(R) service resumes from 34th Street to Whitehall Street beginning 6am Monday. Trains will arrive and depart from the downtown track while repairs continue to the Montague Street tunnels.
  by lirr42
Here's something interesting, the MTA has added the Image bullet to the Current Service Status box:

I bet they never thought they'd have to squeeze that one in there!
  by Backshophoss
In todays New York Times,pg A20(National Edition) about the "H" shuttle service in the Rockaways,from
Mott Ave in Far Rockaway to Beach 90th Street,via the Hammels Wye.
(The remainder of the route to Beach 116th Street still lacks power)

Title: A Forlorn Shuttle Points To Progress In the Rockaways
For an area still isolated from many critical resources one month after Hurricane Sandy,
the H train.limited but free,is a welcome signal of relief.

Fair use Quote per Regs:
"The travelers duck through a widened slit in a chainlink fence,a makeshift portal to a
makeshift train ride above the ruins of the Rockaways. Doctors appointments await.
So do school days. A grocery store with power. An ATM machine."

The story has some personel experences of some of the residents of the area along with a MTA statement
about service. Several pictures and a map as well

Warning: this story might be buried behind the paywall at the Times website
  by SlowFreight
R line service to Whitehall resumed yesterday...more pics on the MTA site.

The transit museum is also selling H clothing as a fundraiser for the Rockaways, tipping its hat to the unusual designation.
  by lirr42
This month's edition of Transit Transit news was dedicated soley to the recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

It talks a lot about the tunnels for the first part, but then switches to the subway about 10 mins in.

You can view the full video here Transit Transit Newsmagazine - December 2012
  by Jeff Smith
Support the Transit Museum and relief efforts: H T-Shirts
  by lirr42
Image service has been restored between Manhattan and Brooklyn!

From the MTA Website:
MTA wrote:Montague Tube Re-Opens and Image Trains resume regular service between Brooklyn and Manhattan

After more than a month of around-the-clock work in one of the most storm-ravaged sections of the MTA transit system, Image trains resumed service through the Montague Tube, which connects Brooklyn Heights with Lower Manhattan on Friday morning, December 21.

With the tunnel out of service for the past several weeks, the 65,000 commuters who use this line had to find alternative ways to get to their destination. The Lexington Avenue Line has been overburdened, Staten Islanders were forced to find alternate routes to midtown, and subway customers from Bay Ridge endured longer trips and transfers. .

The under river link was knocked out as a result of damage caused by the massive inflow of corrosive salt water, which left tracks, signals and electrical components submerged for days. Flooding extended for a span of more than 4,000 feet, requiring the pumping of 27 million gallons of water and the removal of tons of debris that had washed into the tunnels. Significant damage was sustained to the power feeds and controls to one pump room, and two fan plants were lost when components and controls for these pumps and fans were extensively damaged.

The electrical and signal system had to be rebuilt virtually from scratch, including wiring, relays, track circuits, lighting stop motors and other equipment associated with the safe movement of subway trains.

While sufficient work has been performed to resume the safe operation of train service, temporary service suspensions will be necessary in the future to allow workers to go in and make permanent repairs. Some of this work can be done under Transit’s FasTrack program, but the majority of the effort will require limited suspensions of service in the weeks and months to come.
  by lirr42
Just as a FYI, the MTA has updated it's Subway Service Guide to describe accurately what trains are running where now.
  by farecard
What discussion has there been on better blockading of the entry points to minimize future floods?
  by Backshophoss
NYCTA is still rebuilding South Ferry and the Bridge to the Rockaways(A Train),but some engineers at MTA HQ are brainstorming
some solutions now. Then the MTA has to find away to Fund those solutions!
There are no Quick answers after Sandy.
  by litz
From what I've read, about the only advantage they have with South Ferry is they don't have to re-dig the hole in the ground.

The entire station (and all the engineering/support spaces), from track to street, will require a completely new infrastructure.
  by Head-end View
What a shame that such a fine, new station got destroyed and has to be almost completely rebuilt. Does the TA have any time estimate on the rebuilding process? BTW, how did it happen that the adjacent BMT Station, (Whitehall St.) was not also destroyed by the flood? Especially since they are physically connected now.
  by lirr42
Whitehall Street has the Montauge Tunnels for water to drain into. And there is less things to be destryoed in a tunnel under the East River (like there aren't any decorative tiles, ticket machines, escalators, fancy lights, signs, etc.). South Ferry was basically a platform in a hole with nowhere for the water to go.

Additionally, the two stations are only connected at the mezzanine level, not the track level, so the water didn't get all that high that that would be a big issue.
  by flexliner
any chance that MTA could or would use the loop at SF to provide service till the new station is rebuilt?
is the loop even operational at this point?
what is the status of the old platform and entrances? (was the old station totally disconnected from the outside world when the new one opened?)
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