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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by NaugyRR
Last time I visited my friend in the shop there (during the before-times), they had two of the 35s laid up. There are typically at least two in service at any given time, along with the GP7. I've also seen a leaser switch unit over the fence the past couple times I've cut over Sand Road on my way to get groceries.
  by J.D. Lang
They do have a couple of blue and black GATX lessor's on hand that they use quite regularly along with the GP-7u. The GP-35's are on and off with various ailments.
  by xcnoah
The only GP35 currently in service is the #3600.
The ex-BAR GP7u #22is also in service.
Three GMTXs GP38-2s are also on the property and used daily: 2346, 2328, 2627.
The remainder of the GP35s and GMTX 229 (MP15) are all out of service at the shops in Canaan.

The Housatonic has four crews/jobs.
NX10 - works south out of New Milford and onto the Maybrook and back M-F (usually with the 22)
NX11 - Canaan area switcher M-F (usually with the 3600)
NX12 - M-F runs Canaan to New Milford turn job, Sun runs Canaan to Pittsfield
NX13 M-F Canaan to Pittsfield turn job.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Sure it's been asked and answered somewhere in this "epic". How far West on the Maybrook have they occasion to go?

Secondly, if there is still a railroad and if I can ever go back to School (Alumni Weekend '21 "my 60th", who knows? Maybe if you have a "shot card"), I just might drive up to Canaan "to see what's going on".
  by NaugyRR
Gilbert, they just reopened the station building in Canaan after a lengthy restoration. I haven't been inside yet but the exterior came out very nice.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
First, will SKS have Alumni Weekend this year? Their Centenary will be '23, and I'm sure they're already making plans (Lums, break out those checkbooks) for that. I'd be 82yo then; can't count on much beyond the Nursing Home's Day Room.

The Canaan station was "classic" even if I'm sure the NY,NH,&H-CNE "diamond" is gone.
  by J.D. Lang
It took quite awhile to fully restore the station after the fire but they've done a nice job. The CNE east wing of the station is now occupied by The Great Falls Brewery. I've been there a few times with friends and they have a good variety of craft beers with a nice deck that wraps around the side. Was there on a hot summer afternoon a couple of years ago enjoying a "cold one" and watching HRRC doing switching duties on the old CNE tracks up and back to Specialty Minerals.
  by Ridgefielder
xcnoah wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:18 am They very rarely go past Oak Ridge, other than to sometimes store C & D cars down by the yard, I don't think they have been past White St. in some time.
There was a rumor that O&G out by Segar Street was going to get service but I don't think anything ever came of it. Last time I drove through downtown Danbury-- sometime last year, I think-- there were bushes and saplings growing in the gauge between Maple Ave. and Main St.
  by Jeff Smith
That's the stone place, right? I always forget. It would seem useful, but they'd have to rehab the line. Would it be worth the cost? Could they get funding from CtDOT or FRA?
  by J.D. Lang
There was a rumor that O&G out by Segar Street was going to get service but I don't think anything ever came of it.
I think that was 3 or so years ago. They were going to load crushed stone from an O&G quarry just above Boardmans Bridge north of NM and rail it down to O&G's cement plant on Segar ST. Never heard anything since.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Buried deep within this document, there is mention of a possible '21 SKS Alumni Weekend. I'm set for VAX-2 today (I owe it all to a neighbor who found me an opening where there 7500 applicants for 750 slots; I'll love her forever; and I don't ask who she knows), so maybe it will be time for a road trip "back to The Hill" and my 60th.

Can't believe they finally laid that welded rail North from Bulls Bridge Road along Hatch Pond - and as reported here, there is now "one a day" over such.

So if anyone wants photos (just a phone) of a structure between, say, Gaylordsville and Kent (maybe even to Boardman's Bridge, depending if I stay at same hotel as last time), PM me and "I'll see what I can do".

Of course, an awful lot of "ifs" between then and now.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Moore, I think the School is kind of jumping the gun, and maybe Headmaster Smith's (who was a "faculty brat back in my day") remark within that address will just go away.

Perhaps when VAXED, I'll feel more comfortable about travel by any mode, but as I noted over at the Amtrak Forum, I have reservations. Even if I were to forego the road trip and fly to HPN and rent, I'm still afraid to fly - especially in the small Bombardiers Republic flies for United. Somehow I think their air circulation is sub par and if the aircraft is full of anti-VAX'ers, such as my Sister.
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