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  by NorthWest
Oh wow. Thanks for this, Benny, and hopefully none will fall on anything important!
  by Benny
Today in the afternoon the railroad has been cleared so I think services returned normal.
Officially the cause of the fall has been wind but I had an interesting chat with a person very inside on this business and seems that the real cause has been the fault of maintenance; the hanging between the column and the panel has been corroded by the nice Lima weather.
More, that advertising apparatus has not any permission or licence to be there.
But the worst thing is that Lima administration is checking the more or less 500 advertising posts in the metropolitan area and only 32 resulted regular with all the permissions and structural approvals!

Ciao :wink:
  by David Benton
If you stop posting , Benny , I 'll come to Lima to look for you under a fallen advertising banner!.
  by Benny
:-D :-D Don't worry, David: my head is pure Italian marble! :-D :-D

Ciao :wink:
  by Benny
Just one hour ago I've seen 705, fresh of repainting, at the head of a containers train to the harbour (no photos because it was nearly 1 am).
This loco is another jt26cw2b, sister of 701, and the last time I saw this unit has been approximately four years ago being dismantled at Chosica depot. I imagined it was for scrapping but instead, with biblic times, it has been overhauled.
Probably someone understood that, without a turntable in Patio Central, a double cab loco is useful for the last stretch.
It's the second time in few days that I see a containers train, never seen before. Hope for a traffic increase.

Ciao :wink:
  by Martin Baumann
701 was originally 706 The original 701 was wrecked in a derailment 1/29/2002

These locomotives are higher powered versions of the Irish 071 Class (JT22CW)
  by Benny
The first (my) image of the revived 705, taken some days ago in Callao with very low light. Just as a document.
D154 705 in Dulanto.jpg
Yesterday instead, I was in the market when heared the horn of a train. Quick going out and I realized this nice image of 701 with empty gondolas coming from the Patio Central. Note the clear and blue sky, not so obvious here, and the typical mototaxis.
D155 701 atras minka.jpg
Ciao :wink:
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  by Benny
Few days ago, at sundown time, I was passing the level crossing near the Patio Central and sought a standing train that was waiting to enter there.
Turning the head, I encountered on the other side another train that was waiting the liberation of the track to depart, so, although I was in hurry, started the "all other matters can wait" moment.
This is the sulphuric acid empties train hauled by the redivive 705 that was waiting on the track between the two terminals to return back to Cajamarquilla refinery.
D156 705 atalaya.jpg
Instead this is the mineral concentrate train that is entering into the Patio Central at the back of 701....
D 157 701 y 1001 ingreso patio.jpg
...and 1001, the first of the C30M3, that I sought for the first time because generally works on the higher part of the railroad. Surely not a great photo but better than nothing.
D158 1001 ingreso patio central.jpg
To be noted that the idiot that was driving the truck in the background of the second image tried to pass before the train. Luckily his vehicle has good brakes!

Ciao :wink:
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  by NorthWest
Benny, rumor has it that two ex-CSX C40-8Ws are headed your way. I don't think the wide cab will fit most places, so we will see if this is true and if so what FCCA uses them for!
  by Benny
Thank you my friend, I'll be on the lookout. But on this time the mining work, and consequently the railroad one, is nearly at a standstill, with Monserrate station clogged of empty freight cars.
Have you heard that the locos will come to Perú or specifically to FCCA? Surely they will have problems on the summit tunnel.

To have a little laugh: two days ago I was inside a market place on the side of the railroad and heard many furious horn songs.
Rushed outside, I've taken this bad but significant photo to the driver that gone out of the cab to shout the following words: "hey idiot! Take out that eggshell before I transform you into dogfood!"
The recipient of this love message was a mototaxi driver that, being the smartest one, was waiting passengers well parked on the track.

Ciao :wink:
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  by NorthWest
Haha, that's a great photo! People don't seem to respect trains...

The rumor mentioned FCCA specifically. I have a suspicion they're being purchased for parts and not service, but I suppose they could fit wherever the SD40T-2 and B39-8 fit.
  by Benny
B39-8s work only in the eastern part of the line, as well as SD40s are limited to the western part. for the little I know the sole classes that can cross the La Calera tunnel are the C30-M3 and C39-8.
The spare parts option can be a test to re-engine some tired loco but it's only a my idea.

Well, who will live, will see...

Ciao :wink:
  by Benny
The first train images after the beginning of the quarantine (but I turned around all the time, it's difficult to work from home when you're a taxi driver... :-D).
C30M-7 1007 at the head of the sulphuric acid train in one of the hottest areas of Callao.
And it was followed by C39-8 1021
Photos taken this morning with the phone and low light but on this time there are so few trains that all is good!

And then, inside the food market, I found this little fish:
Just 220 kg of tuna :-D
Ciao :wink:
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  by NorthWest
Nice "catches"!
  by Benny
Big news!!!
Just five minutes ago I shooted the mineral empties train hauled by 702 (and 1023) in what is possibly its first run after overhaul because it is sparkling,
This loco, that i never seen before neither sidelined, resulted me as retired and I was thinking it had been demolished.
This is the luck of going to a market on the side of the railroad! :-D
Ciao :wink:
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