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  by Benny
David Benton wrote: The demise of most Rail passenger services would not have helped the situation.
Especially because, having an open market, there is a very strong competition between bus drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers and anyone else drives to have a dish of food, so the main pleasure of the standard Lima driver is to obstaculize the other ones :-D .
533 is extremely interesting. I never saw it apart photos; probably it normally works in the mining area.

Ciao :wink:
  by Benny
Only a little new.

Last night I crossed, in the Carmen de la Legua district, a freight train hauled by 701.
At first I had little rage because I couldn't shot it (this one and the blue loco are my "black beasts" that never can photograph) but then two things became evident:
1) having seen the JT26CW on the Patio Central-Monserrate station stretch and not being anymore the turntable at the Callao terminal it's nearly sure that the two cabs of the loco are on use (I think no one takes the risk of driving from the back cab with the front one that obstruct vision, especially with the myriad of road crossings)
2) it could be possible that there is a shortage of locos because 701 normally sees little use (in all my time in Lima this is only the second time that I see it). Hope this gives use of other "rare" motors.

Ciao :wink:
  by Benny
Sometimes also a traffic jam can help.
Few days ago, turning in av. Atalaya in Callao, I saw the sulphuric acid train, headed by 1024 and 701, waiting to enter in the tanks terminal but in unphotographable position.
After few hundreds meters I became stuck i in a never ending cueue and started with blasfemies in languages that I didn't think I knew.
But during the waiting the train was recovered into the terminal and the locos returned to the Patio Central running on the track along the road.
So I abandoned the car in the middle of the jam and, slaloming between the trucks, shooted myself to photograph one of my "black beasts":
the last JT26CW still on duty.
The acid trains always have an emergency wagon at one end for the case of leaks and unfortunately this time the locos took it with them partially obstructing the 701 frontal and, more, the photos are not very good, they were taken with the phone, running, and in a very "hot" area. But it's all right, these are my first images of that machine, next time I will do something better.

1024 pushing 701 and the emergency wagon along the av. Atalaya.
D129 1024+701+carro in av. Atalaya.jpg
A nearer shot
D130 701 in manovra al patio central.jpg
The mini-train entering in the Patio Central area.
D133 701 in ingresso al patio central.jpg
Ciao :wink:
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  by NorthWest
Well, you got it at least. Really shows the size difference between domestic and export locomotives.

Traffic seems to be really bad in the Lima area.

Thanks for sharing!
  by Benny
Uncle Benny is still alive!

Yesterday I was lucky, in railfanning sense.
Going out from a shopping center, I saw, in the distance, a train standing between two level crossings waiting to enter the Patio Central.
Shooted myself there without regard to the car's dampers, I encountered a mixed freight headed by 1029, a C 30 M3 that 1) never I've seen before that unit and 2) it's rare that this class come down to Callao being mainly used on the higher part of the route.
Note that the loco stopped nearly some gentlemen that were burning waste to recuperate metals. the image is strange but I like it.
D140 1029 en Dulanto 2.jpg
Having something to do, I left but, after nearly an hour, I came to the level crossing just after the tail of the train where I discovered that, at the back, there was 415.
D135 415 en Dulanto.jpg

The driver that escorted it told me that it's the last running Alco on FCCA and normally is used only for shunting services. In this case it was going to help 539 to shunt between the terminals because 801 is being overhauled.
The same man confirmed that 701, the JT26CW, has the two cabs on use.
Note that on the cab of 415 is sealed a pllate that shows a rebuilding by MLW in 2003. Is it normal?
D136 targa 415.jpg

And for now it's all.

Ciao :wink:
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  by NorthWest
Fun stuff! Glad to see one of the Alcos are out there still, I thought all were retired.
I think that MLW were the ones that built the unit and someone else rebuilt it and added the plaque. MLW was swallowed up long ago. MLW was ALCO's Canadian licensee that continued for several years after the main company went under.
  by Benny
Many thanks for the explanation! :-D

Ciao :wink:
  by David Benton
Good to hear you are well , and keeping up the Italian / Peruvian driving traditions,Benny. Brought back memories of my travels in Peru !
  by Benny
David Benton wrote:Good to hear you are well , and keeping up the Italian / Peruvian driving traditions,Benny. Brought back memories of my travels in Peru !

:-D :-D :-D :-D

Ciao :wink:
  by Benny
This evening, crossing the railroad, I saw some strange lights and after few minutes passed 701 with the sulphuric acid empties and many gondolas at the back.
Photo made by the phone, with very low light and not well focused but I don´t dislike it, mainly because of the ambiance.
D141 701 con merci di vuoti in Castilla.jpg
Ciao :wink:
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  by Benny
As usual I'm ultrabusy but I've a little new for my friends.
Last night in the Puerto Nuevo area, one of the hottest places in Callao, I had a double surprise.
The short siding that begins from the back of the Patio Central and goes to a chemical warehouse, that I ever seen out of use and covered by rubbish, appeared clean and some tankers were being shunted by by 533, an EMD GR 12 built in 1965 that I never saw before apart in photos because generally works in the mining area.
http://www.railpictures.net/photo/355638" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Ciao :wink:
  by NorthWest
Nice! I enjoy catching things I've never seen before. Good to see a GR12 still running out there.
  by Benny
No, the image, from railpictures, was taken ten years ago in the Andes and I think was a photographic train organized by Mr Frybourg.
Now the livery is a little different.

Ciao :wink:
  by Benny
Hi guys, I'm still alive. Very busy but alive.

Do you know the Swiss railroads, clean, safe and regular? Well, this is not the case.
Leaving Monserrate station to Callao, the line passes through a well hot area known as "las malvinas" ( well, the other places along the line are not far better...) with the trackbed used by residents as a road and various more or less abusive buildings.
Always I desired to take an image there and few days ago, watching for other items, I saw the lights of a train.
Quick turning and I immortalized 701, the last JT26CW on duty, with a long train of mineral concentrate to the Patio Central.
Image taken by the phone at the limit of the light but seems me that transmit very well the sense of misery of the place.
D143 701con merci in transito a las malvinas.jpg
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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