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  • Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.
Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by TrainFan1035
1051 and 1064 did testing in the summer
1051 in July and 1064 in August
or the other way around
dont think 1026 did tests yet beacuse its only early october
  by Trainboy21
Saw this on the outbound, and had it on the inbound on Fairmount line. It’s just departed south on a late 913 as the Fairmount line is currently single tracked.
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  by Commuterrail1050
Right. That’s what I’m saying I found when I rode my train into south station yesterday. If this works out well like 1060, then it won’t last long doubleheading. At least 1060 didn’t before leading its own set.
  by Trainboy21
Did anyone even see 1060 double-heading because I don’t remember sightings of it.
  by TrainFan1035
Peole i only have seen 1060 solo i dont think its ever been on a double header just been with 1821
  by Trainboy21
Yeah because I remember seeing it at S&I at SHSY then the next day I was at Hyde park and a Franklin line was going inbound and 1060 was on the rear solo. Side note I don’t remember 1065 going on a doubleheader either.
  by TrainFan1035
The good thing is 1060 doesn’t have issues. I dont know why 1065 is having issues. Why does mbta do double headers?
  by JacobKoppel
It has been 1 week and 1066 already has a new horn
  by TrainFan1035
Two questions what did the first horn sound like and what does the second one sound like im a northside ralfanner so i havent seen 1066 yet
  by JacobKoppel
We never got to hear the first horn. But we assume it was 1066s horn from before it got rebuilt. Now it probably has a new Raised Letter horn.
  by Commuterrail1050
What was wrong with its first one assuming it was the original? Getting sick of listening to raised letters all of the time.
  by TrainFan1035
Is the raised letter horn sound like the hsp46?
  by Commuterrail1050
I would assume so yes. Those are getting boring to listen to.
  by GP40MC1118
The 1064 or anything else still at Erie. Unknown if the 1029/1067 has left Middleboro on CSX B726.

Does anyone know the status of the F40's in Rochester that where auctioned off? Being cut up on site?
  by TrainFan1035
World wide railfan said the Sceamers f40s were auctioned two months ago 13 were bought for parts or something .
JTR Bricks railfan saw 1064 in erie on thursday. He saw the Mp36s they were still on the interchange track .
No info on 1029 /1067 but i bet they are at erie
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