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  • Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.
Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by trainmaster_1
Nope, EMD hasn't sold any SD90MAC-H Phase II loco's this year (UP has 61 one these units and CP has only 4), they have been focusing on the SD70ACe which is still under initial testing on KCS (KCS gave the other 2 back to EMD, problems with track breaking because the units were too heavy), UP (One was involved in a derailment on a UP coal train and suffered damages on the engineers side) and CSX (well CSX has 20 pre-production units that they are still testing, 2 of which are running on the GEXR right now).
  by GM10-1975
Thanks Mike.
I saw pictures of GM72 wreck in CO.
How did CSX rate pre-production sales of SD70ACe? Was it because of they got burned so badly with the purchase of the SD50 and/or 60s?

  by Bryanjones
There were no sales of SD90MAC-H's this year, last year or the year before that. To correct the previous post, only 40 of UP's SD90MAC-H's are of the Phase II variant, UP #8522-8561. UP #8500-8521 are all Phase I units. CP #9300-9303 and GM 90 and GM91 make up the remaining SD90MAC-H examples.

As far as CSX and the SD70ACe's, the 20 units that they will be taking delivery of here in the near future are demo units for EMD. They are built to CSX specifications and painted for them but will remain owned by EMD and leased to CSX for the time being while they are testing. Any grudges over the problems with the SD50's are now long gone and EMD is currently the preferred locomotive supplier for CSX, with 75 SD70MAC's being delivered late last year and early this year and another 55 SD70MAC's currently under production alonside the SD70ACe's. As a matter of fact its now GE thats in the doghouse with CSX due to the prime mover failures with the AC6000CW and the fact that the fleet had to be derated to 4400hp to reduce stress on the prime mover.

As a final note, none of the 20 CSX SD70ACe's have been delivered to CSX yet. 4 of the units are currently testing at the AAR test track, 1 is at EMD in LaGrange for various tests and atleast 5 are currently testing on the Goderich & Exeter RR (GEXR). The units are being broken in on the GEXR before delivery to CSX.

Bryan Jones

  by GM10-1975
The test units in CSX paint scheme are sharp!

  by Justin B
I am sure if a railroad wanted to purchase a quantity of 6000hp units, EMD (and GE too) would be more than happy to put 'em together.


Since there are only 6 railroads left in North America, the customer pool has shrunk considerably since the last time the builders really cranked up the HP a la 1966 SD45/U30C/C630. Now railroads are considerably more wary about newfangled technology. 4 or 5 years ago the class 1s settled on units like the SD70M, C44AC and the Dash-9 to be the backbone of their fleets. The 6k hp units are trick ponies that will spend their time on unit coal and grain drags, and most likely be subjected to an early retirement.

The units that EMD and GE are rolling out now that the SD90 and C60 have sputtered and failed are simply evolutions (no pun intended!) of the existing 4,000 hp units.

I believe we are all beating a dead horse here, and the words I have just pecked out are mimicking those of several others.

Simply put, if any more SD90s and C60s are built I will eat my hat.

And yours too if you wish. :P

  by Bryanjones
Yes, as I stated the first time, none of the SD70ACe's have been delivered to CSX yet. The photo of #4833 shows it in transit to EMD in LaGrange,Illinois where it is currently undergoing various tests. The Photo of #4835 shows it in transit to the AAR test track where it is currently testing along with 3 other CSX SD70ACe's. The final photo link you posted shows the #4836 along with a second SD70ACe being broken in on the Goderich-Exeter RR which is located near the EMD plant in London,Ontario. So you have 4 units at the AAR test track, 1 at EMD in LaGrange and 5 currently on the GEXR with the remaining 10 units undergoing construction. None have operated on CSX and none have been delivered to CSX. The units on the GEXR are to be broken in for 100 hours before delivery to CSX will take place.

Bryan Jones
  by Allen Hazen
GE's publicity on the GEVO engine has repeatedly mentioed the possibility of a 16-cylinder version of about 6000hp (though the detailed endineering work on this seems to have been put off until after the 12-cylinder, 4400hp, version is safely debugged). Several of the very big railroads COULD make use of 6000 hp locomotives if reliable ones were on offer; economic studies before the SD90/AC60 were introduced suggested they would make sense. I have a feeling we will see some-- probably yellow ones-- in not too many years.
  by R44 5212 A Train
I keep hearing about these things, so when are they gonna make them...and are they gonna be articulated like the DD40X? :-)

  by AmtrakFan
They are never going to make it.

  by Joe
I doubt they'll ever make a SD100MAC. They'll just keep on making their 4300HP locos SD70something and their 6000HP locos SD90something. And FYI, the DDA40X was not articulated, it just had two engines.
  by R44 5212 A Train
The DD40X has a spece in the middle...so wasn't it articulated?
  by R44 5212 A Train
Don't most locomotives have 2 engines?
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