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  by John_Perkowski
Canadian Pacific Kansas City is planning to repaint their locomotive fleet. Employees will decide the paint scheme.
Read about it at Trains Magazine.

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CALGARY, Alberta – CPKC employees will select the railway’s new locomotive livery through an online survey, a company spokesman says.

Voting will close on June 15.
  by jwhite07
In the Option 1 image, shouldn't the rendering of the rear of the unit be in black since the side view shows everything behind the gold accent stripe is black?

Possible Photoshop oopsie aside, and not that CPKC is asking the general public, but that's the version I personally like best. Option 2 is a close second.
  by John_Perkowski
Cesar Vergara is offering up ideas.
Noted rail industrial designer Cesar Vergara has offered his own concept for a new CPKC paint scheme, with variants keyed to the colors of the Mexican, Canadian, and U.S. flags. VergaraStudio.
His concept:
Click here to read about it at Trains Magazine.
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  by John_Perkowski
I’m going to be honest. It’s an excellent scheme. CPKC should suspend the current vote and offer this as option 4.
  by eolesen
What I like is it doesn't favor or slight one group or the other.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
For ready reference. Here are the choices the employees are being offered:

https://www.trains.com/trn/news-reviews ... ve-livery/

Sure the Vergara designs look "sharper", but why pay an industrial designer especially when railroads no longer paint engines to "look sharp".

There could easily be engines wearing their predecessor roads' colors in service fifteen years from now. On the BNSF, I observe engines both in ATSF "Warbonnet" and BN "Grinstein Green". Have to say, both look "a bit worn".
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  by jwhite07
The internal employee poll was to have closed on June 15. I have yet to see any official proclamation of the winning choice. Inquiring minds want to know, CPKC! :wink:

And maybe the next poll can be to choose a real name for the railroad - I kid you not, every time I see CPKC I think of KFC...
  by KuBand12
I'm ok with the name. The only alternatives I might add would be CP International or CP North America.

For the paint, my non employee vote would be 5 or 3. Since they are in Mexico I don't want it too similar to Ferromex.
  by NHV 669
According to a post from the corporate FB page just over an hour ago, option 1 is the winner.
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  by Gilbert B Norman
Let us not give Union Pacific any ideas to join the "alphabet soup" crowd.

We can thankful there is one Class I that chooses to retain the name under which it was founded some 161 years ago. Off hand, I cannot think of any business entity topping that.
  by oibu
Hopefully once the initial period of needing please everyone passes, this lunacy will end and it will just be CP like it should be- or at least it be CP in Canada and CPKC south of the border as was originally presented. Shameful that we could lose the CP name and image over this, the minority player in a merger shouldn't require that the dominant player change their name. SOuns like sour grapes DL&W during and after the EL merger all over again.
  by jwhite07
Six months after all the hype, have any locomotives been painted in the new scheme as yet?

I would have thought the Holiday Train(s) would be a good debut, but alas the usual Action Red GP20ECOs are in charge again (not that they don't look good...)
  by CN9634
BNSF took over a year to debut its scheme after the merger....and even then it was newly delivered locomotives.
  by jwhite07
Might be a long wait then... there have been, what? only a few hundred new freight locomotives delivered in the last five years?

I just find it intriguing that there was such a big deal made of needing a new post-merger paint scheme, complete with an employee survey to elect the winning scheme, and then nary a gallon (OK, litre, soory) sprayed on the flanks of a locomotive since, despite CPKC certainly having an abundant share of locomotives that are desperately in need of a paint job.
  by RandallW
Since there are three lawsuits against the STB claiming that allowing the two railroads to merge was wrong, it may make sense for CPKC to not bother to paint anything if they have genuine uncertainty that CPKC will be a thing in a year.