• Amtrak service proposed: Reading, PA to Philadelphia and NYC

  • Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.
Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by ExCon90
According to MACTRAXX's post above, Reading and Bethlehem services ended in 1981; there were no SEPTA operating crews until January 1983, all SEPTA trains having been operated by Conrail under contract until NERSA (Northeast Rail Services Act?) required all regional commuter operations to either find another contractor or take over operations themselves. There's no doubt that Conrail, having inherited those services from the Reading, was overjoyed at being required by law to get out from under.
  by Tom V
The infrastructure bill is now law, I hope we see some specifics soon. The Reading service should go via Cynwyd, Manayunk and the Norristown transportation center to KOP.
  by ExCon90
Without having read the text, I'm assuming that infrastructure means just that and the money can't be used for operating subsidies. If so, will all bodies willing to subsidize a Reading service please so signify ...
  by Gilbert B Norman
Tom V wrote: Sun Nov 07, 2021 10:47 am The infrastructure bill is now law, I hope we see some specifics soon.
Not quite, Mr. Volpini.

Joe need assemble his "cast of thousands", so the signing of IIJA21 is set for week of Nov 15.

But, the provisions can only be altered by further enacted legislation.
  by kitchin
For the state-supported rail line item, and ones like it, does the grant application process start when the law is enacted? There are I guess a pile of grant apps along in the process of tier-whatever review.

For example, when do we expect the Long Bridge on the Potomac to go out to bid?
  by eolesen
I'd guess it's going to be 60-90 days before any grant/selection process is announced, and another 60-90 days before anything actually happens.

Then there's the fact that practically nothing happens in DC from mid-November to January... so add another 45 days in there somewhere.
  by jp1822
Amtrak proposed the service, but it's the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that has to agree to pick up the tab in operational monies, which I doubt has been agreed upon or even negotiated. Amtrak has made some "presentations" about the service its proposed, but there's been no newsworthy event saying this state or that state has signed on to their plan. Most think, including me, that this whole US CONNECT is DOA.
  by west point
Starting this or any service does run up against the problem of lack of equipment. Siemens cars need to get fixed and the problem of axel count cars is resolved by using out of date cars not revenue capable cars . That would include baggage cars on trains with loads over some figure of say 350 - 400 average passengers. Easy to obtain on some routes. Western trains except maybe the Eagle and Sunset will be able to meet these loads is capacity is available and sold. I will not even address the lack of capacity that is evident. Another item is stationing standby locos at strategic locations to back up for loco failures.

The longer trains especially out west , + Crescent, Capitol, Cardinal, Silvers, will probably need another loco to maintain schedule and back up for the many grade crossing damages that will occur. . AC traction locos for LSL, Builder and Zephyr especially needed for winter operation in snow,

East coast trains LSL, Silvers, Palmetto, Crescent NEC <> Atlanta , maybe Carolinian should be capable as well. The Capitol probably not as it has the most passengers full distance WASH <> CHI. Cannot imagine many more on that full segment.

Then we get to the possibility of another train on these routes ~ ~ 12 hours separated. Each route that can have a opposite time train reduces the overhead costs of train stations and not needing to double T&E Crew. Palmetto extended to MIA probably can enter into these loads. Maybe schedule an extra section*s with limited stops when needed during high travel times on Silver routes.