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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Fireman43
From the spring 2022 issue of WNY Heritage Magazine.

That issue also has a great article about an RIT students photography project to document area train stations in 1970.

Henrietta, Lima , Lockport, Central Terminal, DL&W and Rochester Junction

Has some great pics of many that are long gone .
Wonder if I can post some giving credit to the source?
  by SST
Slightly off topic but have any of you taken the silo tours at Child street? Its amazing and I fiercely recommend it. Here are a couple of pics:
Anybody want to go into a silo and inspect it? Not me!

Tours like this is why I'm so annoyed that the GN is being taken down.
  by BR&P
Tell me more. At one time I could have had a tour of the whole ConAgra facility while it was in operation. I never got around to asking for it. :(
  by Fireman43

Looking at your picture trying to figure out where you exactly snapped this picture from. Note the railing has in chalk “DO NOT LEAN ON”
I can see the Port if Buffalo in the distance but can’t figure out what part of. The Conagra complex you are..

Been 30 years since I worked at the “American malting- Perot Malting - Fred Koch “ building just to the left of Conagra.
Still find interesting as you look at these elevators all along Child’s Street most are connected by transfer belts to move grain back and forth.
  by pumpers
Cool stuff.

I think the photographer is at latitude/longitude 42.862890, -78.863453 . It seems to fit the details in the photo posted above.

Here is a 3D view from Google maps, if the link works right. YOu might have to turn on 3-D view to get it:
The photographer would be in the tower denoted by the red marker near the bottom center, looking SW towards the large port building in the distance.

In case it doesn't work, here is a screenshot. In this one the photographer would be in the tower just above the word "Google" near the bottom middle of the picture.
  by SST
I’m not precisely sure where I was standing when I took the picture. I don’t think I was in the crossover but in the “tower” section at the east end of the crossover. I remember scuffling around trying to capture this view. It was my first time touring this silo complex and didn’t really have good positional awareness.

There continues to be construction work down there. Upgrading I presume. I look forward to the next tour.
  by Fireman43
Thanks to all for jarring my memory.
Also Interesting when you look at the boatswain chair - the rope is frayed to the point the one side is broken!.
After reading the website on silo city a lot of fascinating documentation of the history in the early days about all the rail spurs feeding the facilities in anticipation of Buffalos continuation as the leading grain transloading Capitol of the US .

Guess a-lot has changed- Now host weddings on the ground floor????

Final note - SST - did you note whether the bin covers on the floor were locked?
Still surprised people can wander around .
However Bet they have the man lift locked out!