The stinky carpeting in Metro's railcars

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The stinky carpeting in Metro's railcars

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An investigation by the agency’s Office of Inspector General found Metro had “exceedingly stringent” requirements for its rail car carpet, stretching back decades, that likely were written to favor one supplier.

In fact, the “100 percent pure virgin wool” carpet was made to specifications no longer in use in the industry, the inspector general said, resulting in the “appearance of favoritism” toward the contractor.

The recently concluded investigation found Metro’s standards for its carpeting were unchanged for two decades and that no other vendor could plausibly compete for the contract.

Moreover, the carpet lacked a required coating to prevent fungus and mildew, according to Metro Inspector General Geoff Cherrington — though it did meet standards for being fire-resistant and mothproof.

Metro refurbished some of its 5000- and 6000-series rail cars with noncarpet “resilient” flooring and made the nonstick, confetti-patterned hard floors the standard in the new 7000-series cars. The agency announced a pilot program last year to outfit a dozen 3000- and 6000-series cars with the hard floors and identical padded blue seats, along with vinyl overwraps to mimic the look of the 7000-series cars. The agency does not plan to buy new carpeting for its 5000-series rail cars, which are next in line for retirement. ... 721a8e25ed" onclick=";return false;

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Re: The stinky carpeting in Metro's railcars

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Rode in a 2000-series car today and it (and I think the whole train) had brand-new carpet throughout. Smelled quite nice!
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