Hazmat rules

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Hazmat rules

Post by John_Perkowski »

CN Issues Embargo On Hazardous Materials

Fair use excerpt from the article
In a notice to customers, the railroad says it will “continue to move these commodities, but manage the flow through a permit process from our centralized operations center.” The railroad said it was taking the move to “protect network fluidity.”

I wonder if it will apply to US Operations.
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Re: Hazmat rules

Post by ExCon90 »

Since the speed restriction imposed by the Canadian government won't apply in the US, CN can't use that as justification for curtailing hazmat shipments within the US, and I don't think US law permits railroads to simply refuse hazmat shipments or impose anything resembling an embargo absent extraneous circumstances such as congestion. A problem may arise in the case of hazmat shipments originating in the US and destined to Canada; in such cases, based on past practice I think the Canadian embargo would be considered justification for restricting shipments originating in the US. The whole thing about the speed restriction looks to me like a knee-jerk reaction by micromanagers without direct responsibility who don't understand the situation.

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