Such a Deal! Alco S-1 for sale

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I have experience with that type of move as well as moves by rail, hence is why I posted what I did above. Now, a truck move that I was involved with was from NY state to South Jersey for a 44T unit. That move was pretty much the same as the price for the S1. That also included the permits in the states she moved.

On the other side, the price for moving a unit by rail is very high. One of the last moves that I was involved with was $7K per unit. And no, the unit did not go cross country.

And another example is one transaction that I was working on for 2 running RS18. The price was a good fare price for the running units but because of the route that they would need to take (over water on a large boat that company that was selling them also owned), that shipping coast was almost 4x's the price of each unit. And that did not even include the price to move it on rails once off the boat. Needless to say, the units have been scrapped.

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Someone bought this locomotive. Anyone know who?

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