The Seminole Gulf Railway ALCO C425

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The Seminole Gulf Railway ALCO C425

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Does anyone know what the status of this locomotive is? I heard awhile back that it was no longer in use. Is it up for sale?

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Its ex- SP&S aint it? I hope its for sale........lets say I'm close to the SP&S.......... :-D

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According to a post on the Bay Colony yahoo list the C425 was scheduled to be used this week on the Seminole Gulf. Last time I saw the engine on the Bay Colony it was stilll painted in BN colors and the radiators has frozen and burst. That was the in Jan 2000 I think.

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The unit is in SGLR livery, and looks dazzling (when new at least). Of course, there's black spot on the roof. Apparently it isn't used as much as we'd like it to be because of exhaust sparks igniting brush. A spark arrestor was installed ; I don't know if it back to continuous usage.


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The 550 runs fine. The employees dont like it due to the fact that it suffers from "turbo-lag", like all good Alcos.

Source: an official, VERY high up in the company, who will remain nameless.

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