I need a U30C Specification for ALCO book

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I need a U30C Specification for ALCO book

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I am in need of an early published U30 C specification from GE, preferably from 1966 or 67, that I can either purchase or borrow. I need it as part of the research that I am doing for the second volume in the Withers Publishing Series on the Century Series that covers the six-axle units.

Thanks in advance, and feel free to contact me off line.

Stephen McMillan

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Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I have a large amount of original GE material including manuals, and the February 1967 sales brochure for the U30 (GE pub no. GED-5646) if any of it will help.

You can click the www button below this message to see a bunch of this online at my site.

-Will Davis

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How is that Alco book coming along?


Volume 2 of Century Series from Withers

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The book is moving along, hope to have it out by the end of the year. The introduction is finished, starting to work on the chapters that cover the C628. C630 and C636.

I think that you will find the book quite interesting, as I have come across some, for no better way to put it, really neat stuff!



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well I would say that your a few years short I had an Operators Book for a GE U28-U36 Locomotives built by GE sold it for a dollar just to get rid of it.

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