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Re: Virgin Rail née Brightline/AAF Orlando - Miami FL FEC

Post by Arlington » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:23 am

I was at a Commercial Real Estate tech convention and saw a really interesting "heat map" of Brightline ridership. is designed for retailers to answer the question "where do the people who walk past my store come from?" (and many other questions, such as, based on home zip, what is their disposable income?) * tracks something like 40% of all phones and for a particular square block (I chose the Brighline Miami Central Station) they can say where every phone that visited that block spends its "overnight" (essentially the home address of everyone who rides brightline) (They extrapolate "up" from their 40% sample to estimate total unique visitors)

Yes, it helped to be both a data geek and a railfan in asking about Miami Central which, in the satellite view, was still an empty parking lot, but which we now know is a busy train station.

Unsurprisingly, the heatmap showed that most riders come from "slightly inland" (west) of each station in MIA, FLL, & WPB.

The interesting "extra blob" on the Heatmap was centered on Port St Lucie--implying that people are driving from PSL to WPB and then catching the train to MIA.

*Yes, this should scare you about how much data is being sucked out of your smartphone and re-marketed all over the commercial internet.
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Re: Virgin Rail née Brightline/AAF Orlando - Miami FL FEC

Post by Bonevalleyrailfan » Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:58 am

New double track lift bridge proposed for the St Lucie River crossing in Stuart ... ew-bridge/

This is very interesting news. Virgin is asking for local government support to apply for federal grants to replace the existing single track draw bridge with a new double track lift bridge. It will have 18ft clearance when closed. I assume this means a 2-3% grade on the approaches, or about 1000ft at most of raised track bed to the south. I am not sure if that will impact the furthest north road crossing in downtown Stuart. North of the river crossing, it is on a curve with no public road crossing for some distance. Would they locate the lift bridge further north of the present draw bridge to reduce the required grade? Without a doubt, FECR has already approved this and has specified the maximum grade they will allow.

I also posted this news on another forum.

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