Question about a conditional job offer.

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Question about a conditional job offer.

Post by rputnam79 »

I was offered a conditional job offer (in PA), but I have since moved to NC (due to a divorce). Nothing is holding me back here, and do you think I still have a chance????

I have no problem moving back to PA.

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Re: Question about a conditional job offer.

Post by drewg350 »

You will have to move back to PA for the conditional offer in PA. If you think your going to be able to call the RR and tell them you moved to NC and want to somehow "transfer" your conditional offer to a place in NC, good luck with that. You'll get laughed at for sure. Don't waste your time. Either move back to PA and accept the job, or stay in NC and work somewhere else. You could decline the PA offer and start all over again in NC, but generally speaking, if you decline an offer from a RR, don't expect to receive another invite. Better off trying another RR instead.

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