Conductor trainee aptitude test

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Conductor trainee aptitude test

Post by Artie.D » Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:07 am

I recently applied for a Conductor trainee position in Gillette, Wyoming. I was rejected because I failed the online 120 minute skills aptitude test. I'm only 19 years old and the only job I've held is picking up and delivering parts and motors for my grandfather who is a industrial salesman. The reading comprehension part of the test seemed confusing but I still managed to get through it while the personality profile section seemed pretty straight forward. Is there a certain strategy to taking this test or is it just making the most logical decisions. I also failed the same test applying for UP's train crew position. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Conductor trainee aptitude test

Post by Komachi » Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:20 pm

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Re: Conductor trainee aptitude test

Post by Philly117 » Fri May 15, 2015 7:59 am

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