Charlotte, NC: Red Line Regional Rail

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Re: Charlotte, NC: Red Line Regional Rail

Post by Arlington » Fri May 08, 2015 11:40 am

Potential Red Line restart moment: In a deal to build toll lanes on I-77, the state promised the toll operator that it wouldn't add any more free lanes to I-77 in the next 50 YEARS. From a public interest standpoint, this should never have happened, but, hey, it means that rail will be the more-attractive way for the state to add capacity for the next 50 years. Ha!

The contract penalty to Mobility Partners makes adding lanes to I-77 x-Millions less attractive (and lots, politically, less attractive as a pure "waste" of money) and makes the Red Line more attractive (at least paying a penalty to NS in the form of rail upgrades gets you rail upgrades) and it also means, potentially, there's a chunk of highway money that gets freed up (the money not spent widening I-77.
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