CSX Medaryville branch and other area rail questions......

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CSX Medaryville branch and other area rail questions......

Post by Hoosierailnut »

I have a few questions about some of the local rail operations in and around Monon and Monticello as i did a bit of railfanning Saturday away from my home area of Auburn and Garrett..

#1......I know the large elevator at Medaryville uses rail (saw a 75+ car grain train Sat sitting on the tracks ready to be loaded) but what other customers still use rail on the line? I didnt get a chance to see what was in Francesville but there are a couple of large elevators there as well.
Does ward Stone use rail frequently? I saw their operation and they still have 2 sidings one with what looked to be a boxcar (dunno why they would need a boxcar) sitting on the north side of the east siding but how often do they use rail? When is the museum along side 421 open? It looked closed up to me so i didnt stop but there were a few vehicles sitting around and i take it they belong to the owner.

#2.... We took a sidetrip to Logansport via Renolds and Monticello and followd the TPW.
How often does the TPW/RA go to Logansport and what customers do they serve? Is Hoosierlift still in operation alojng I 65?
We saw the huge bridge that was blown over in the April 3rd 1974 tornado over the lake in Monticello which was pretty cool.
When did CSX remove the rail from the middle of the street in downtown?

#3 The old PRR pan Handle looks to be still intact under US 24 near Logansport but it looked very rusty. Has anyone heard anything about this line? I know RA abandoned it last year but ive also heard Kokomo grain was interested in it.

Well thats it for the questions for now!!!!

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Post by MR77100 »

I heard that Kokomo Grain purchased the PRR north of Kenneth to Winnamac. RA seems to want to play CSX right now and rip up everything in their path. But these little organizations, such as Kokomo Grain and the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, (who bought the C&O of Indiana), have some tricks up their sleeves.

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