• Who owned/operated Sharks (Baldwin RF-16)?

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  by curmudgeon
Hi all -

Hoping someone can list all the roads that bought/ran "Sharks" - know about NYC, Pennsy, D&H - no luck researching on the net.


  by Ol' Loco Guy
Add B&O and EJ&E to the list. Das ist alles.
  by trainspot
Don't forget the owner between NYC and D&H, the Monongahela!
  by curmudgeon
Thanks guys -

A little more info -
I'm trying to identify a Mantua "A" Shark I bought.
It has blk over orange paint, sim. to EJ&E scheme, looks factory, but no roadname/number.

Anyone recognize the colors?



  by hankadam
Hi Curmudgin: EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT BALDWIN DIESELS - - - I have copied the Cross Reference Catalogue of "Diesel Electric Locomotives in the Field" from perhaps the only "original" in private hands (the copy is crisp, and on nice white paper - looks better than my original) and placed in very heavy BLH cover, gold embossed, from the 1950's (immaculate condition), with sturdy screw-post binders. The most complete listing of BALDWIN diesels anywhere = 101 pages, By RR, with HP, Serial No. Constr. No., Road No., Engine No. & Type, Date in Service, and Location. Price $120, postpaid, Priority Mail. Never before offered, and I only copied very few, so they are quite rare. Please e-mail me at [email protected] with your address and phone No., or send check to PO Box 962, Paoli, PA 19301. As I said, these have never been advertised, or offered before. All the best, Henry Rentschler
  by dreamer
Does your list include the 50Hp Baldwin Gas mechanical Locomotives that were deployed in Europe during WW1?
Thanks in advance
  by hankadam
Sorry, this list is as of June, 1960. It does, however go back to 1937, New Orleans Public Belt, Serial No. 1. Take care, hankadam
  by oddball
is there any recent pics of the sharks? the most recent i can find is around 1980...anyone have anything newer?
  by Komachi

From what I've read on other sites and on the earlier version of these forums, nobody has seen the sharks since '80. A vandal obsconded with a few bits and manuals, so they were put in an outbuilding. (The railroad is quite anti-railfan, to put it mildly, and will neither confirm nor deny that they have them, nor will Larkin (the guy who owns the railroad and the sharks) let anyone near them.)

Old, news, I know, but that's the latest. Nobody's talking, and since they're in storage, no new photos exist... that we know of.

  by oddball
yea, thats what i heard too, just trying to see if anyone got lucky since then....thanks..

  by Realityrail
E&LS owns or rents at least one building at the old Escanaba Harnishfager plant. I had an associate off the WC who was inside there once. He said they use an over head crane or cranes to place the locomotives and passenger cars side by side, end to end with very little space in between. Sort of like a big box of trains!

Out side of one end of the building was (is?) a home built transfer table for moving things around.

I hope there is a good will in Mr. Larkin´s papers, as I would hate to see his collection disposed of improperly (scrapped!) once he is gone.

  by oddball
thanks for the info, thats very strange. did he see the sharks themselves?
  by mandealco
I was part of a 4 man video crew touring the country in 1985 (shooting trains!). We had a wonderful time on the E&LS and were treated well. We were taken to the old P&H crane plant to view some of the old cars stored there. Parked in the open out the back were the 2 Sharks. A little worse for wear, but still very pleasing on the eye. We didn't shoot any video of the 2 treasures, but we did come away with slides. Mr Larkin was/is very aware of the significance of the units, and I believe they are (were at the time) in very safe hands there. The greatest shame of the whole saga was that some (words deleted) calling themselves railfans, stole builders plates and more, forcing their owner to lock them away. What would you have done?

On a previous visit there in October 1980, I saw one of the Sharks wrapped in clear plastic in the engine house. Can't recall which one without checking slides. By that time, railfan's were already on the undersirable list at the Wells facility.


  by oddball
thanks for the update! its too bad some people are so disrespectful towards expensive things like the sharks..