• What If Protesters Shut Down A Class I Railroad?

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  by NaugyRR
sd80mac wrote:Here's the youtube that I was telling you about...

Enjoying watching the video of IDIOTS...

https://youtu.be/Qd2sYDnw0K0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
I love the first comment...

"Top 3 worst places to protest: 1. Train tracks 2. Train tracks 3. Train tracks"
  by ExCon90
Too bad there's no room for a steam generator on those units--a couple of fake cylinder cocks mounted on the frame would scatter the bystanders in no time ...
  by mtuandrew
I'm intrigued by this thread. It'd be dangerous and probably a Constitutional violation to block interstate commerce via railroad, but I think the current minority rights protesters see that the Class 1 railroads aren't their immediate enemy. Not only have the major roads been hiring without regard to race (if less so in terms of gender) they don't have policy-making power. Amtrak might be more of a target, but even still it doesn't represent a policy-making body. In contrast, the I-94 blockade was a direct challenge to the Minneapolis Police Department, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, and the Minnesota State Patrol and Bureau of Criminal Investigation - all organizations that have been strongly suspected of institutional bias.

If there were new and major railroad employee strikes, or a protest against a direct railroad action, that'd be a different matter and handled differently.
  by NorthWest
It has happened in Washington State over coal and oil trains:
http://www.king5.com/story/news/local/e ... /14958949/
http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-north ... l_shi.html
Of course they only blocked one of the many yard tracks in Delta Yard.

http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/20 ... protesters

They still received the maximum 90-day jail sentence and upwards of $500 in fines...