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  by [email protected]
:( I saw CPLs going down on the Philly sub .They are in Harve De grace MD . I grew up in this area . I used to go to Magnolia west Va every summer .We had a cabin right next to the tracks in Magnoilia . Loved to sit & watch those CPLs . Anyone know if the cabin still there? Anyhow I live in Cecil county Md .I drive to the old B&O holly tree every Sunday morning to see the CPLs there Id hate to see them go down . I am trying to buy one for my yard lol. Anyone know where I can get one?
  by LVA Ent
Have you gotten a cpl yet. I may be of help.I have a few.
  by Fanatic5
The CPL's are being dismantled by local scrap dealers per CSX. We tried contacting the railroad directly for the name of these dealers, however, they would not release their names. If fortunate to find or observe a dealer removing the CPL, you could negotiate a purchase directly and legally. Does anyone have knowledge of such dealers, either their name or address, along any recent sections of the railroad where signals have be removed?