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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by chuchubob
The NJ-Association of Railroad Passengers Patrons lunch, held at Tuckahoe on Sunday May 20 and hosted by CMSL, insluded an inspection trip of the Woodbine freight sidings.
Much work has been done on the sidings since my last visit to Woodbine. The previously missing section of track over the pipeline has been installed.

http://chuchubob.rrpicturearchives.net/ ... ?id=753974

The siding along Frederickstadt Ave has been extended and a turnout installed for another future siding.

http://chuchubob.rrpicturearchives.net/ ... ?id=753976

The extended siding makes a sweeping curve and continues on until it terminates adjacent to a propane business, which will be a rail customer.

http://chuchubob.rrpicturearchives.net/ ... ?id=753980
http://chuchubob.rrpicturearchives.net/ ... ?id=753983


  by Sir Ray
Interested in seeing how these sidings are arranged, I went to Live Local and did a bird's eye view of the area (usually these are 1-2 years out of date). However, while I readily found where CMSL crosses Frederickstadt Ave in Woodbine, I did not see any of this new trackage, which looks to be of a significant length. Even worse, I didn't see the Propane dealer, which I guess is by Heine Ave? There is a short siding on which does come off the CMSL main north of Frederickstadt, an parallels it for a short distance on the East side, but it doesn't curve, just stops short of the road crossing, with some sort of wood platform (loading dock? Old flatcar?) at the end.
From your photos, looks like since those LiveLocal pictures were taken, a rather decent length siding was built along the north side of Frederickstadt, a propane dealer was built north of Frederickstadt between the CMSL and the intersection of Heine Ave, and the trackage continues either past what looks like a paper recycling facility (well, there are lots of bales of something - looks like bundled paper) on the south side of Frederickstadt (where the extra switch was laid) and then curves North again to the East side of the propane dealer - am I correct?

  by chuchubob
My impression was that the new long siding runs southeast along Frederickstadt, then curves to the right and winds up heading southwest, terminating just short of Route 550 on the northwest edge of Modern Gas, the propane facility.

  by themallard
Mayor Pikolycky informed me of several grants that the Borough of Woodbine has been awarded. One that I found especially interesting was from The Community Affairs Small Cities Innovative Development Fund. It will assist the Cape May Seashore Line railroad to reconstruct the railroad in Woodbine. Plans are in the works for a train station, platform and access road.
Cape May County Herald

Does anyone have any information on this?