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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by rushhour
I was wondering what the PRSL frieght symbols mean. I'll list them here but what did they stand for?

CM-90 <----Is this a Cape May train???


  by Steam man
While it don't explain the meaning of the symbols,here's a list of PRSL southbound frieght trains as of 17 Jan 1958.
http://prrfreight.trainstuffllc.com/PHI ... STRICT.htm

"CM" does denote Cape May trains, "CA" were Camden to Atlantic City trains, the "WY" I'm not sure of, but it when I was working on the Seashore Lines someone said it meant "West Yard". It could be wrong,but maybe it was an older or another name for Pavonia at one time.

  by JimBoylan
In Employees' Timetable 10, 4/28/46:
WY trains seen to run on the West jerseY & seashore, CB trains on the Camden & Burlington county. WY-390 & WY-391 may be old designations, as they run over 3 railroads between Cape May and Cold Spring Harbor! CA trains don't indicate which line they use (Camden & Atlantic or Atlantic City rail road) between Pavonia and Winslow Jct.
In Employees' Timetables 7-D, 8, and 10, 10/29/61, 4/28/63, and 4/25/65:
WY 390 & WY 391 now run over the CM between Tuckahoe and Cape May, serving Wildwood Mon-Wed-Fri and Woodbine, which is on the WY, Tues-Thurs. Pavonia to Ocean City (or later Tuckahoe) is now served by OC-90 & OC-91. CA-299 and CA-300 run between Pavonia and Williamstown Jct., but that's on an Atlantic City RR line!