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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by mgdemarco2
I remember last year that there were two special CMSL April trains from Tuckahoe to Woodbine. Any plans for a repeat this Spring?

  by chuchubob
Yes. Saturday, April 30

West Jersey Chapter - NRHS meeting at Tuckahoe station at 1 PM.

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Cape ... 4_04_24_06

CMSL train to Woodbine Junction, including the bridge over Route 550.

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Cape ... 4_04_24_38

The plan is the same as last year: a quick train to Woodbine Junction and back (two trains last year to accomodate all the passengers) followed by a railfan train with photo runbys.

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Cape ... 4_04_24_15


  by OCtrainguy
I attended the event last year and did have a good time last year. Unfortunately, I will be in Harrisburg on April 30th, for excursions over Rockville Bridge and through Enola Yard.

Last year's event was well attended and the weather was extremely nice. Hope someone will post some photos when the event is over!!

Photos of last year's events: http://octrainguy.com/Sjersey5.html

  by chuchubob
In addition to the festivities already mentioned, CMSL plans to have Tuckahoe Tower open for inspection, with assistance provided by West Jersey Chapter-NRHS, from 11:30 AM until the return of the first train to/from Woodbine Junction.
http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_06_13

  by mgdemarco2
What time will the first train leave Tuckahoe? How long will it take to reach Woodbine?

  by chuchubob
mgdemarco2 wrote:What time will the first train leave Tuckahoe? How long will it take to reach Woodbine?
There is no set time for the first train.

If it rains, the NRHS meeting will be annulled (see photo of last year's meeting)
http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Cape ... 4_04_24_12

and the first train could leave around or before 1:30. If the weather permits an outdoors meeting, the first train is estimated to leave around 2 or 2:30.

I choose not to speculate as to the duration of the first trip.


  by mgdemarco2
Bob, thanks for the input.

  by chuchubob
The brief NRHS meeting was held on board M-407.

The first charter train left at 2 PM and didn't return until nearly 3 after a lot of pharting around.

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_30_04

Prior to the meeting, Tuckahoe Tower was open for inspection.

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_30_29

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_30_19

While I was in the tower, two retired P-RSL men who had worked Tuckahoe Tower came in. They provided very interesting stories. West Jersey Chapter president Rich Magee had also worked in Tuckahoe Tower for the P-RSL.

After the first charter trip, M-407 was uncoupled from the train, and after some minor maintenance was performed, ran solo for the railfan charter, complete with photo runbys

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_30_48

and a photo op on the bridge over the former West Jersey & Seashore ROW.

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_30_63

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_30_65

It was quite an attraction, even drawing the State Police (two cars).

http://www.transitspot.com/gallery/Bobs ... 5_04_30_67

There was no altercation or hassle with the State Troopers.