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  by the sarge
Suburban Station wrote:What an obnoxious and verbose reply that at no point disproved my post. The train is not faster it is in fact, slightly slower...the opposite of the pr claim that travel time was cut.
I'm not trying to "disprove" your post. I totally agree the schedule was extended by one horrifying minute between Paoli and Phily. When someone states it's "just pr", that implies the news is a false impression of goodwill. That is the issue, but requires no extra "proof". Its a news release not a theory. The news release stated
the sarge wrote:Travel time to New York City is reduced

Isn't that what's going to happen as claimed when the new 600 replaces the current 600/172 option? Travel time to NYC will be reduced? I didn't see anything about running the train "faster", just reduced travel time between two endpoints. I also cannot find in the news release that claimed travel time will be reduced between the "largest inbound trip generator" and Philly.

Although, one could interpret from the actual verbiage of the news release that for those who use the current 600/172 travel option between the "largest inbound trip generator" and NYC, the trip time will be, (drumroll) reduced with the new 600. Again, exactly what the news release stated in regards to 600. I will concede that this interpretation is only true if there are passengers who travel between the "largest inbound trip generator" and NYC. Then again, I'm confused why you even brought up "the largest inbound trip generator" in the first place.

The only point that I said you were completely wrong on was claiming the new 600 trip was extended by one minute to "..accommodate all local stops". No stops were added between the old 600 and the new 600 and the extra slow-as-a-mule minute has nothing to do with the station stops for the new service.

And yes, I consider pointing out that a 1 hour and 49 minute segment being lengthened by one whole minute as "obnoxious" and trivial in the true scope of the service; especially when the net time for the new 600 is considerably less then the current 600/172 travel option between HAR and NYP.


Aside from beating a dead horse over the the "Extra One MinuteGate" folly:

To update one of my posts that said:
the sarge wrote:it's still possible that there is train number confusion.
This became true in one respect, but errors in contrast to the claims were a bit more (That is unless the schedule is corrected and posted before the Oct 5th service commences) Risking going back down the verbose road:
the sarge wrote:A new eastbound train, 644, will depart Harrisburg at 6 AM This change allows the train to continue to New York City and eliminates the need for passengers to change trains in Philadelphia to continue to New York City. The change cuts the travel time to New York City by 13 minutes.
The 6:00 AM train is not 644 but 642. This error can be forgiven
the sarge wrote:Westbound trains 641 and 643 departing Philadelphia at 9 AM and 11 AM, respectively, will also stop at Coatesville and Mount Joy. Two minutes will be added to the Harrisburg arrival time.
This claim appears to be false as the schedule for Oct 5 does not reflect these stops to the 'Ville and the Joyous Mountain. I cannot imagine the fallout from passengers waiting on the platform of these two stations with the news release in hand watching the trains fly past them. that's horrible PR. I was too lazy to go back and compare the schedules to see if two minutes were still added to the schedule without the stops. If not, that would be two lies in one claim- almost bad enough to warrant a congressional inquiry.
the sarge wrote:Westbound train 609, which currently originates in Philadelphia at 10:00 AM, will now originate in New York City and depart at 12:55 PM, Philadelphia at 2:45 PM, and arrive in Harrisburg at 4:30 PM.
This false claim is very serious as the train according to the schedules is to arrive in HAR at 4:35 PM, a whole scandalous five minutes later then claimed - pr blasphemy .

Ironically, one of the only claims they got right in the news release was (drumroll please)..... Travel time for Train 600 from Harrisburg to NYC will be reduced compared to the current 600/172 service.
  by Jeff Smith
Please move on; you've both made your points. Thanks.
  by chuchubob
ACS-64 643 pushed train 643 to Harrisburg on thursday.
  by Woody
Jeff Smith wrote:Please move on; you've both made your points. Thanks.
Is this why we need Moderators? :-D

I was late getting to the above discussion, but late in the year is a good time to say "Thanks" to all the Moderators for all their work.
  by Balerion
PennDOT finalizing design for new Middletown Amtrak station
Final design for the new $32 million Amtrak station in Middletown is under review by PennDOT, and the project will also include partnership with a private developer.

PennDOT announced the Middletown station project off Ann Street was approved by the state's Public-Private Partnership Board Nov. 24.

A private developer will design, build, finance, operate and maintain commercial facilities on department-owned parcels near the station while maintaining or expanding station parking.

The entity would also be responsible for maintenance at the train station, such as snow removal, and be responsible for associated operation and maintenance costs.

The new platforms, towers and overpass over Route 230 will be completed by PennDOT, and that work isn't expected to be done until 2018.
  by east point
Has someone ridden a Keystone since the SEPTA problems and can give us a report?
  by pete0r
They added a car last week, for a total of 6, but that has disappeared this week. It is getting very crowded between Downingtown and 30th with folks who had previously been taking SEPTA - standing room only the past few days during the AM rush by the time the train arrives at Paoli. Definitely more people waiting at 30th Street for the ride home towards Harrisburg around 5:30 each evening, too.
  by STrRedWolf
How is the Keystone service working between Harrisburg and 30th Street in SEPTA's current state? Are they cross-honoring SEPTA tickets, or going all reserve?
  by Suburban Station
Neither afaik. They could use one more train in kind and outbound anyway, preferably an express from lancaster
  by chuchubob
Quick turn around for train 648 Monday. It's scheduled to arrive 30th Street Station at 11:35 and depart in the opposite direction at 11:45. It came in at 11:40 and went out at 11:45.
  by east point
So now quick turns are possible ? Wonder if this comes from Moorman ?
  by Lackawanna565
Are they going to install 80mph switches on the line? I read somewhere they were planning on installing them three miles east of Harrisburg. I think I read it on "Plan The Keystone".
  by zebrasepta
Paoli station is gonna finally be ADA compliant soon
http://www.philly.com/philly/business/t ... rades.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Plans for major upgrades at a key SEPTA and Amtrak station on the Main Line were stuck in their tracks for more than two decades, but on Tuesday, a row of golden shovels in a box of dirt sparkled in the sun during a groundbreaking ceremony symbolizing that the work finally was underway.

Disability Rights Pennsylvania reached an agreement with Amtrak in 2014 to accelerate plans for the Paoli upgrades, including a new center high-level platform, elevators, ramps, a pedestrian bridge, and parking lot improvements.

A $36 million project to make the station fully accessible is the first phase in transforming it into a transportation hub with a new waiting area, ticket offices, better bus facilities, a commuter parking garage, and retail space. Amtrak and SEPTA plan to complete the project’s first phase by early next year.
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