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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by NortheastTrainMan
This was a while ago but while I was visiting a cousin's house in Canada we decided to take the GO Train to Toronto! Now I didn't have any knowledge of Canadian commuter trains the only thing I knew was Canadian National and Canadian Pacific so this ride would be very new and fun for me. We went to Oakville to take the GO Train and I noticed the large amount of tracks in that area. I just looked around and I heard the toot of a horn I turned back around a Amtrak looking Genesis with not so quite Amfleets dashing by at what looked like 85-90 MPH! Prior to that I've only seen electric trains reach that speed. I then heard the sound of a bell and I turned around to see a huge green and white cab car preparing to stop at the station. When it stopped I noticed that it was a double decker and that it had a wierd lookin shape prior to that day I only saw Superliners so this was different! As we entered the train we went to the upper level and well the train pulled out. It was so quiet almost airtight to the point where I almost fell asleep and when I ride a train I never sleep! I asked the conductor what the name of that train was and he said VIA Rail I then asked him if Amtrak runs to Canada he said yeah but around these parts once a day. The ride was quick and we soon arrived in Union Station and as we were pulling in I saw the VIA Rail train pulling in on the adjacent track, I later found out the coaches I saw were LRCs formely pulled be LRC locomotives then by F40PHs and P42DCs! What a ride! Good thing a lot of people spoke English in Toronto! I would love to ride AMT but i can't say anything else in French besides hello,goodbye,and toilet lol!