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  by RailVet
The 1355th Transportation Railway Operating Company, a Reserve unit at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, NC, organized to augment MOTSU when mobilized, was to be reorganized and reflagged as the 1151st Transportation Company (Railway), an overseas deployable rail unit. (Currently there's already an 1151st, as well as the 1150th and 1152nd, under the 757th Trans Battalion (Railway), headquartered in Milwaukee. The existing 1151st was to be inactivated and its personnel reassigned to the remaining 1150th and 1152nd, while a "new" 1151st was to be established by reorganizing and reflagging the existing 1355th TROC.) Those plans have been cancelled, and instead the 1355th is simply going away, along with its detachment at Blue Grass Army Depot, KY. Personnel in the 1355th are retiring, transferring to the 650th Trans Co (a truck unit in Wilmington, NC), or going elsewhere.

Two GE 80-tons at MOTSU, USA 1640 and 1681, actually belong to the 1355th. At last look they were sitting dormant at the rail gate, unused by the base, which prefers its geeps. It's unknown whether the base commander will try to get them assigned to MOTSU when the 1355th is officially inactivated in mid-September.

On the Pioneer Valley RR in Westfield, MA, the 1205th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion has its two geeps, USA 4601 and 4602. The contract will run out in the near future (probably by the end of the fiscal year on 30 Sep 06) but it's certainly not going to be renewed. The 1205th's attached unit, the 226th Trans Co (Rwy), an overseas deploying unit, will remain active at nearby Westover Air Reserve Base, but it's apparently not going to get the two geeps. The MOTSU commander, who is also the former commander of the 1205th, is going to try to get the two geeps reassigned to MOTSU, but that will likely depend upon the Army deciding if they're needed elsewhere or if MOTSU is seen to have all of the locomotives it's authorized for its level of traffic.
  by RailVet
A visitor to the Pioneer Valley Railroad yard in Westfield, MA, on Aug 8 noted GP10 USA 4601 was no longer on location and the number on USA 4602 was whitelined. All US Army markings had been removed along with the number boards and ditch lights. The 1205th TROB, inactivated in July, used the location for training, along with its attached 226th Trans Co (Rwy) based at nearby Westover ARB. Although the 226th is still active, it has not "inherited" the two locomotives, nor does it appear it has an authorization for them. The fates of the two locomotives are TBD and it would be good to hear from anyone who finds out where they are going.
  by RailVet
An official inactivation ceremony for the 1205th TROB will be held in mid-September. In reality, the unit closed out in mid-July, and this ceremony will only mark the official inactivation.
  by RailVet
On again, off again, and now on again. The most recent word is that the reflagging and reorganization of the 1355th TROC at MOT Sunny Point as the 1151st Trans Co (Rwy) IS going to take place.
  by CVRA7
Sorry to hear the 1205th is gone, wish I had known about the inactivation ceremony. I was in the unit until 1993, including 13 months at MOTSU during the first gulf war 1990-91. Plenty of good memories, especially the MOTSU service. The base personnel really treated us well.
  by RailVet
By the time the unit was formerly inactivated, almost everyone was long gone. It had essentially closed up shop two months earlier, and at that time only had a handful of core personnel assigned. I haven't heard anything about the ceremony, which may have had little or no audience and few participants. Anyone who actually attended is invited to comment and provide details.

  by Otto Vondrak
Are thre any Railway Operating Battalions left?

  by RailVet
The only one left is the 757th Transportation Battalion (Railway) with HQ in Milwaukee, WI. As of 2002, these were the unit locations for the battalion:

HHD, 757th Transportation Battalion
2372 South Logan Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

1150th Transportation Company
3155 Blackhawk Drive, Suite 147
Fort Sheridan, IL 60037-1289

1151st Transportation Company
1230 1st Street, Building 331
Granite City, IL 62040

Detachment 1, 1151st Trans Co
2372 South Logan Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

1152nd Transportation Company
2372 South Logan Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Detachment 1, 1152nd Trans Co
2101 South 8th Street
Fort McCoy, WI 54656

Since that time, the colors of the 1151st have been moved to Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, Southport, NC, where they were used to reflag the existing 1355th Transportation Railway Operating Company. The 1355th was organized and equipped for primarily supporting MOTSU, but as the "new" 1151st it has been reorganized for overseas deployment capability. The new 1151st is not directly under the 757th but is instead under a regional command and would rejoin the 757th upon mobilization. This is also the case for the 226th Trans Co (Rwy) at Westover Air Reserve Base, MA.

I believe the "old" 1151st has been reflagged as either part of the 1150th or 1152nd.

There are still a few former rail battalion designations out there, but they are no longer rail units. For example, one is the 718th Trans Bn in Ohio, now a truck unit, and another is the 719th Trans Bn in MA, organized as a movement control center.