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  by NYC_Dave
Two Dressel lamps of an unknown type were donated to our railroad historical society. We are not even sure if they were designed for railroad use. They look like they may have been portable work lights. They have sheet metal hoods which are removable. There are nameplates which say
There is no other identification. They have large polished reflectors and rectangular fuel tanks surrounding the burner and reflector. We would appreciate any information about them.
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  by GSC
As a collector of oil and kero lamps of all kinds, I don't know what this is. It isn't portable so I wouldn't consider it a work lamp. It would sit somewhere and stay there. I don't see a way to carry it without burning some part of your hand or arm. Semi-permanent, whatever it was intended for.

That reflector reminds me of the mirror inside of a 35 mm projector arc lamp. A focused "spot" beam of light, rather than a "flood" of illumination would come from it.

Have you fired it up and see what kind of light it puts out?
  by NYC_Dave
There is a fixed handle on the base on the right side in the photos. It wouldn't allow the lamp to be carried while lit. We have not attempted to light the lamp.