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  by Gilbert B Norman
This Journal column gives a glimpse into what Ukrainian Railway workers confront when on the job.

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... The railway system is called the “iron road” in Russian and the “ironery” in Ukrainian. “It’s not for nothing that we are called the iron people,” train driver Yurii Yelisieiev, 42, says of Ukraine’s railway workers.

Since Russia launched its full invasion in February, Ukraine has relied on its railway system to evacuate civilians, bring foreign dignitaries to Kyiv and move humanitarian supplies, essential goods, exports and weaponry. “It’s the backbone of the Ukrainian economy,” says Serhiy Leshchenko, a supervisory board member at Ukrzaliznytsia, or Ukrainian Railways. “It’s the backbone of the Ukrainian state. And in terms of a target, it’s second only to military.” ...
Let's all hope this conflict will soon end.