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  by Darien Red Sox
Trainer wrote:There's an excellent short film on the subject of how these accidents affect the families of these engineers entitled "Mind the Gap". It's realistically and respectfully told from the perspective of the daughter of a Boston transit engineer. I saw it in a local film festival, so if you have a chance to catch if it comes your way, consider taking the take the time to do so.

The trainer for it is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81EDsOlAOQs
Anyone know where the Movie can be watched?
  by GN 599
I could go on and on about the car loads of teenagers, families, suicides, children, elderly and well you get the idea. These are all the types of scenarios my co workers have had to deal with. I am fortunate to have not experienced that side of the job yet as I have only 10 years out here. But even you railfans can help by warning your family and friends of the dangers of beating a train. I guess I am wandering off the subject a bit but if you tell one person and they tell another then they may tell another it will add up. Sounds corny but this is one aspect of the industry where we all can make a difference.
  by WSH
There was actually a movie made a couple years back on the subject. I caught a few minutes of it on HBO a while back. I haven't seen the full movie so I won't make any comments on if it is good or not.

Rails & Ties,

Alison Eastwood (Clint's daughter) makes an impressive directorial debut with the moving Rails & Ties, an unusual drama about the redemption of three tragic characters through a makeshift family. Kevin Bacon stars as Tom, a locomotive engineer whose distraction over his wife’s terminal cancer brings doubts about his judgment when he runs into a suicidal woman who parks her car on train tracks. Forced to take time off, Tom confronts his growing distance from Megan (Marcia Gay Harden), who has little time left and wants him, despite his resistance, to be with her. Everything changes when Davey (Miles Heizer), the young son of the dead woman, flees from an abusive foster home and finds his way to Tom, where a confrontation leads to a desperate connection between the boy and childless Megan and Tom. Harden and Bacon (whose increasingly grizzled look and laconic performance here recall the elder Eastwood) are very good as would-be parents who find love again at the 11th hour