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  by Bobinchesco
At Bryn Mawr, along Amtrak's Harrisburg Line, Tango restaurant is in the former, but modified, PRR freight house. In the early eighties when I was in an Amtrak signal gang, this was my headquarters.
  by Lincoln78
The Union Street Tavern in Windsor, CT is on the Hartford-Springfield line. Only a few tables are positioned to see the track. H-S line sees at least two freights and a dozen Amtraks on weekdays.
  by Robert Paniagua
Its already mentioned, I've been to the Steaming Tenbder recently in palmer, and they also offer weekend buffet breakfast and you can brunch and watch CSXT's freights also! During Dinner and luch Time, there's the Lake Shore Limited and the Vermonter
  by Desertdweller
I had a heck of a nice dinner in a converted depot (ex-MILW) in Oconomowoc, WI last month. The track outside was single track, and a passenger platform shed was still standing opposite the depot. I was treated my wife and her mother, and enjoying a big Greek dinner.

While we were enjoying our meal, we were wondering if the track was still in service. I commented that I thought it was, as the top of the rail was shiny.

Right after I said that, the eastbound "Empire Builder" came blasting past! With three extra cars on the rear: two GN passenger cars
in Empire Builder colors, spliced by a NP dome car in North Coast Limited two-tone green.

Well, shut my mouth!

  by CNJ Fan 4evr
I agree with the earlier post about Topton. I was there Sunday morning and all I could smell was food!! There's an eating place on almost every corner. My kind of town!!
There's a couple of places in Phillipsburg BUT it could be a wait for a train. Joe's Steak Shop on S. Main is right across from old CNJ main and old passenger parking lot. Tuesday nights form April- Oct. they have car cruise nights and if you love old cars and trains it's a cool deal.
There's also Union Station Pizza.It's right by the old Bel-Del/L&HR track. Might get lucky if the Martins Creek local or BDRV job shows up.
  by k9bucket
'Dad's Restaurant' on the Shoreline in Niantic, CT. It is right across the street from the Shoreline with plenty of trains to see. Our last time there I caught a P&W with a B-Unit in the consist, in addition to the Acela and other Amtrak trains. Great food (the family seafood platter is a feast) and great atmosphere. The new Niantic Moveable bridge is within easy walking distance and is quite a sight to see in motion (you won't have to wait long to see it in motion). I highly recommend 'Dad's !!
  by fl9m2004
I'll second that recomendation of dads
Also station house resturant in Stratford is good too
They have an old caboose also u can see Waterbury trains as well as metro north and amtrak trains
Also the South Norwalk brewhouse is really good too
They have 4 windows that u can see the Danbury branch from
Also the main line of Metro Norths New Haven line
Don't forget Mahoney's on the Hudson line
Same parking lot as Poughkeepsie station
A bunch of Amtrak's stop there some go through metro north 4 times an hour
Also from the back 14 windows u can see the CSX river line
  by fl9m2004
Also don't forget there is a resturant right near the Clinton Sle station
Really good spot for watching Providence and Worcester as well as high speed regionals and sle
  by Watchman318
The station at Brunswick, ME has two restaurants, Byrnes' Irish Pub and Scarlet Begonias. Neither one has much for windows on the track side of the building. A few years ago, La Wife and I took a Father's Day ride on the Maine Eastern along with my oldest stepson and his girlfriend and her parents, plus #1 Granddaughter. (Who is already a railfan.) We had a nice lunch at Byrnes'.

Also on the MERR's Rockland Branch is Sarah's Cafe on Water St. in Wiscasset, which has a deck overlooking the track. I just noticed they have a glimpse of a train in the painting on their home page.

The MERR offices, including a gift shop, occupy half of the station at Rockland, and the Trackside Station Restaurant is in the other half of the nicely renovated building. (Which still has jail cells in the basement, from when it was city hall [1959-1994] after MEC gave up passenger service.) They have pretty good nachos.
  by quincunx
We have a few in St. Louis. Nick's at 6001 Manchester. Foley's Bar and Grill in Maplewood has a shot special every time a train goes by. The Whistle Stop in Ferguson in its old commuter station.
  by sd80mac
My team went to this restaurant and I had good steak at a steakhouse inside old station in 1990. It was a quite bus ride from USOC training center- about 20-30 minutes south from Colorado Springs.

I dont think it is the same one as someone posted in here (Italian restaurant in Colorado Springs) since 20-30 minutes bus ride would be totally different town.

While I was eating there, I saw 3-4 BN coals went by.

Do anyone know what I was speaking of? name? and exactly where?
  by jebo
Hello. I hope to share & view Rail Road memorabilia, etc with you.
My Aunt & Uncle had a restaurant near the tracks in Holloway, Ohio. Do you have any information about that area? Oh, how I wish there were pictures to help me remember the area. It is all gone now - those many rails, etc. The Holloway Roundhouse burned in 1962. Share when you can. Thank you from Dover, Ohio
  by fl9m2004
Jeffries in Milford is really good for viewing trains
Went by there yesterday between 12:30-3:00 and saw 15 trains
It's between Milford station and West Haven station
So u hear trains from either direction
There is about 10 windows trackside