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  by Benjamin Maggi
I have come across in various books that the D&H referred to the trackage between Whitehall and Kenwood Yard (Albany) as the "Third Subdivision." This track extended south from Whitehall to Saratoga, then eventually made its way east to Mechanicville before turning south towards Albany.

I also have photocopies of a blue book that is titled "Straight Line Map and Profile, Saratoga Division, The Delaware and Hudson Railroad Corporation, K. E. Miller." This book shows the trackage from Albany up through Whitehall.

Question: is this section of the D&H properly referred to as the Third Subdivision, the "Saratoga Division," both, or neither?

  by Engineer Spike
Both terms refer to the same section of the railroad. Albany to MP79.3 (north of Whitehall), via Round Lake. Also the Adirondack, Lake George (via Glens Falls) Coolidge, Rutland, Washington, Waterford, Troy/Green Island, and Water St. Albany Branches.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks Spike!