• Syracuse area trackside hangouts....need suggestions.

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by greenwichlirr
Any hotspots to camp out at in or around 'Cuse on Saturday? Need some ideas, gang! thanks!
  by tree68
Destiny - parking lot is right next to the Chicago Line.
  by sd80mac
Kirkville Rd - far east of Yard. "triple track"
N. Main st at Minoa, ny - east end of yard.
Manilius center rd Where old Amtrak station used to be at.
Spot at area by Welch St - near Bridge st. NOTE: I have been there and CSX and local cops had gone by me many times and left me alone. I have heard and seen CSX cop drove other people out but not me.
Carr St. - near Burnet Ave

Mall parking lot on upper level or North area parking lot or sit in food court.

Cement transfer off Willis ave - ask people at Cement Transfer for permission to sit on their property. I didn't had any problem with them in past

Pottery Rd and Herman Rd (QC 300 I think or 302) in Warner ny.

Its been years since I ventured out to these area. Things may had changed since then.
  by sd80mac
Used to able to go around China plate factory. But that business is long gone. I don't think we can go to there now.
  by lvrr325
Willis Ave. is a good spot because you have some options if you're taking pictures, and because if something good shows up, like say a heritage unit, it is possible to jump on 690 and beat him across town. I used to do that when TV 556 was coming through with SP units, although that train did work in Dewitt too. If you're up on the bridge shooting you also have the advantage of being able to see across the lake and see if any trains come in on the line going north.

Also, if Finger Lakes is running you can go see them. I'm not sure what NYS&W does these days but you may be able to catch them as well.

The only thing you might run into this weekend is people parking in that area for the Fair, you'd be surprised how far some folks will walk to save five bucks.

The mall is okay in the morning, will be packed and busy in the afternoon.
  by FarmallBob
I agree with SD80MAC - Kirkville is good! 3 tracks, good visibility both directions, EB signals visible and the Kirkville detector (280.0?)is right there. Plenty of room to park safely too.

Another I like is Bennetts Corners Rd in Memphis, about 3 miles west of I-690/Thruway exit 39. Quiet road with parking in the canal trail lot just feet from the crossing. Signals (CP300 and auto 303) are visible in both directions, and defect detector 302.5 is located just west of the crossing.