Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by vince
I see that there no what I call 'guide rails' that prevent a flange 'picking' a frog point. I'm not sure that's the correct name.
There are various YouTube LIRR videos that show both the 'Banjo' (great name btw) and the wigwag point types are in service. I think there is a mix of both at Sunnyside.

off topic:
A bunch of new YouTube NY Subway & EL runs at a vantage point that below platform level. Camera seems mounted at coupler level.
I nominate the #1 Train for Best 600v Arcs Displays Ever! On EL at nite in Bronx.

I rode the A Queens to WTC for 23 years. Moved to Vegas in 87.
editadd: forgot . . .Rode LIRR to Far Rockaway HS.55-58

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  by freightguy
An interesting fact that was taught to me by the head of the railroad rules dept who owned horses: the frog gets its name from the bottom of a horses hoof. That's actually what the railroad switch frog resembles. Has nothing to do with the amphibian. It makes a lot of sense now after looking at the outline of a frog on the rails.
  by Disney Guy
I was told that those guide rails at the stock rails and in line with (opposite) the frog are called restraining rails. For most switches the diverging track is curved with the stock rail on the inside of the curve and the frog rail on the outside. The restraining rail grabs the back of the flange of the other wheel on the axle. Thus that wheelset is denied its tendency to "go straight." Then the flange of the wheel about to roll over the frog is prevented from grinding the rail and possibly trying to climb the rail in the vicinity of the frog and possibly picking the frog.
  by vince

I found another type of frog (actually noticed this a few months back) used only on sidings along the line between Hicksville & Elmont.
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K7EJZdHmoM
video screen shot time 41:35
I'll call this a Spring Frog . . . with Restraining Rails :P
  by hxa
frankie wrote: Sat Jan 21, 2023 11:26 pm One more question: Can I assume that these movable point frogs operate in unison with the regular switch?
No, if you are a signal designer. That's why you need to have individual indication relays for each of the point machines, then connect them in series to give the interlocking machine an "overall" indication.
  by RGlueck

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