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  by Jeff Smith
Count me amongst those who kind of new there were subway schedules, but never really paid much attention to them. They consist mostly of time-points and and service level information.

http://www.mta.info/schedules" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/pdf/t5cur.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Major timepoints on the 5 include the terminals (Dyre, 238th St/Nereid, and Flatbush) as well as major stations such as 180th, 149th, 125th, GCT, Brooklyn Bridge, Bowling Green, Barclays, and Franklin.

One item of note: there are only two SB departures from 238th during the week, but quite a few (13) NB, 12 of which are in PM rush. That just seems off to me; why not more in the AM? During rush, the 5 runs express in da Bronx.

Both the 2 and 5 terminals in Brooklyn are Flatbush. The 2 terminal is 241st/WP Road, yet the alternate 5 terminal is 238th/Nereid, the penultimate stop on the White Plains Rd line in da Bronx. Why not 241st? I know the WP Road line has an express track; does it not platform at 241st?

Background: I spent a few summers with my grandparents in da Bronx in the 60's on the 2 just off the 225th St. station. Road the old 8 on occasion to The Bronx Zoo, and when we went to visit, we often took the 2 after connecting from the Mt. Vernon (East) New Haven station (the subway was a dime then). I also took the 5 daily one summer in 91 after returning from the Gulf; my then wife worked off Pelham Parkway, so we'd drive in to her job and I'd take the subway. Loved it, especially due to the history of the line as the NYW&B.
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  by Rockingham Racer
The number 5 rush-hour trains going along White Plains Road instead of the usual route to Dyre Avenue used to be called "super expresses". [I'm going back to the
70's here.] They originate and terminate at 238th St. instead of 241st St. because they come directly out of the yard in the AM and go directly into it in the PM.
There is no direct connection between the yard and the 241st station. The line is also three tracks, but the middle track was used mostly for storage between 180th St. and 238th St.

At 180th St. though, the middle track IS used for running trains non-stop between 149th and 180th St. during rush hours. I'm not sure about current operations, but formerly only the "super expresses" destined for 238th Street ran express in the Bronx between 149th and 180th.
  by Jeff Smith
Thanks; after you posted that, it occurred to me that the yard entrance was below the terminal. I drilled with the Army Reserve in the old Farrand Optical building on 238th at Woodlawn Junction (loved it when I drilled there), and I used to go to the area a lot before, during, after that. I remember the wall that supports the yard along Baychester and 241st. Nice area.

So yeah, it makes sense they'd just yard the trains immediately. Which makes me wonder why they use 241st St as a terminal at all, given that the position of the yard means you have to do a reverse move into the station to begin it's run; would be nice if they had a wye at that position.

Seems like such an easy area to make a connection to the Harlem and New Haven lines, too. But then I'd love to extend the 5 beyond Dyre back up to 3rd Avenue, too foam foam!
  by Rockingham Racer
There was talk of extending the #5 over to Coop City many years ago but the plan went nowhere. I don't know if it's still on the drawing board or not. With Metro North planning a stop at Coop City, it would be a good connection for lots of people in the Bronx wanting to go to destinations on the New Haven Line.
  by Jeff Smith
Yeah, that's always been talked about, or extending the 6 as well. But MNRR will get there first. You'd have to take a hard right and go across either 233rd or Connor to get there. But there's nothing on tap for that anywhere; they can't even fund planned projects. I only bring up extending the 5 because of the history.
  by Allan
Rockingham Racer wrote:There was talk of extending the #5 over to Coop City many years ago but the plan went nowhere. I don't know if it's still on the drawing board or not. With Metro North planning a stop at Coop City, it would be a good connection for lots of people in the Bronx wanting to go to destinations on the New Haven Line.

As a resident of Co-Op City for a long time (40 years or so), I can tell you that there was never any real talk about extending the 5, There was always talk about extending the 6 but there were issues regarding an elevated structure crossing over the Hutchinson River Parkway. Something about a federal highway regulation.

[Note - The 6 structure does cross over the Hutch just south of the Middletown Rd station but the El was already there BEFORE the Hutch was even built].

The majority of the people here in Co-Op are not in favor of the MN station that is being planned. There is absolutely no extra street parking available and the 2 garages in Section 5 have a 3+ year waiting list. The local road (Hutchinson River Parkway East) is loaded with traffic particularly during rish hours and when school lets out.
  by Rockingham Racer
So, the 6, not the 5. Thanks for the correction. Concerning the MN Co-op City Station: I just did a flyover on Google Maps and there really isn't a lot of room there to build anything there, except a platform. I agree: parking would be a major problem apparently.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Dearest Admin,

Certain parties advise that you look a bit closer at the schedule, particularly the part that reads "Then service every 7-12 minutes at either Eastchester-Dyre Av or Nereid Av-E 238 St Stations and every 3-6 minutes between E 180 St and Franklin Av stations until 8:11"...

Anyhoo, carry on.
  by Jeff Smith
Yes, it appears I misread the schedule. The NB schedule is more detailed and precise vs. the SB schedule. Definitely makes more sense now.