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GretschViking wrote:
terry03 wrote:
GretschViking wrote:I have seen photos of the now long gone roundabout in Tottenville but nothing for the other two lines. I'll assume they had something similar.
Hi "GretschVkiking" I really didn't think anyone would recognize either of these two photos. The one on the South Shore Branch was pretty nondescript. Bates & Roger showed both of these in an old company brochure dating back to the war years. The fact that you have an identical picture is quite amazing. If you look hard enough I guess you can find information on these old structures. So much of our history has simply disappeared or its sitting in a library somewhere where you can't find it. Libraries are only helpful if you live in their area and are a member. I've been researching old railroad structures now for a year and its hard to find a lot of information.

Howdy Terry!

It was quite heart wrenching to see that land sold off and houses built on it. Sometimes I wish the city would just say "We are taking it back! Here's your buy out! MOVE!" :) Let's face it, at the rate these houses are going up, the island is going to sink! That line would have come in handy these days. Dumb move on their part.

One thing I would like to clear up is the South Beach branch was not the "South Shore line". That would be Tottenville. South Beach was known as the East Shore line. Go figure!

For my North Shore Line page, I am in need of photos of the West New Brighton and Harbor Road stations. I have a very grainy 1924 pre-electrification aerial shot of the former and only one of the latter. However, I am always searching for any photos of these two lines during and after service. If you or anyone else here can help, please let me know. Thankie!

These are the only two that I have. Evidently Bates & Rogers only built these two bridges.

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There was more than one trestle on the South Beach Line. Were there multiple companies involved in building them?