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  by Donko142
Good morning folks. I purchased a Soo Line caboose 1973 build I believe #96 I'm trying to find any information I can on these type of cabooses. Books, photo's, specs size. Any links with this info. I'm not having much luck. Anyone know of any?? Thank you in advance.
  by Donko142
Thank you !
  by BR&P
Now that the forum came through for you, a photo or two would be a nice expression of gratitude! :wink: Congrats on the purchase, hope you give it a good home.
  by Donko142
It's getting a good home for sure, not stuffed and mounted. Thank you. Sorry having a hard time loading picture.

Go to face book. "Bel Del Maintenance of way" pics and video form trips and work over the last 4 months.