• Should GO take over Niagara Falls-Toronto service?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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Guys: My name is MACTRAXX and I am new to RR.net. I have traveled alot by train and one of my favorite cities is Toronto. I traveled up there alot in the 80s and I took the NFS-TOR day RT last in 1998. From what I know about VIA and GO and Southern Ontario geography, I think that GO should take over the Niagara Falls train service. VIA would continue to operate the Maple Leaf to NYC but other rail service would be operated by GO.

From CN timetables that I have,the distance between NFS and TOR is 84 miles - about the same as long-distance commuter operations on MNCR(GCT-WASSAIC-82 miles) the LIRR(Montauk and Greenport Lines which are 114 and 94 miles) and CDOT (GCT-WATERBURY 88 miles). The VIA train as it is today reminds me of trains on Amtrak's Harrisburg-Philadelphia Keystone Service(104 miles).

This new GO service would operate on average every two hours and operate more frequently during peak hours. I can see new stations being added perhaps around Merritton,Jordan,Beamsville and the eastern outskirts of Hamilton. The big problem spot is serving Hamilton: Do you re-open a station just for this line at the old CNR station? I know about the re-routing to the TH&B station - I thought this was a good move as it is closer to downtown HML.

Fare-wise GO can sell passes and tickets to this line at a better price than VIA and encourage not only occasional riders but commuters - to cities such as St.Catharines as an example. Can GO conquer any geographical and political hurdles and do this? In my opinion,improved rail service would be good for all! Any opinions out there? MACTRAXX
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  by Ken V
A Niagara Falls-Toronto expansion is on GO Transit's wish list but it's not near the top and there's only so much money to go around, so it won't happen anytime soon. If it did come to be, it would be meant to augment and not replace VIA's trains.

Your choice of additional stations for that line seems reasonable with the "eastern outskirts of Hamilton" being Stoney Creek (actually southeast). The location for a new Hamilton station wouldn't be the same as the old CN (James St.) station, but there are a few other possibilties. Serving the TH&B Hamilton station by train on this route is out of the question.

Another option might be to use the CPR route between Hamilton and Niagara Falls with stops in Welland, Smithville, and Stoney Creek. This is a somewhat longer route, but it would serve a different, but similar in size, population and could be integrated with GO's existing Hamilton services.

  by Skullitor
There definately needs to be more trains from Niagara Falls to Toronto.
Both VIA Rail Canada and Amtrak need more thru service from the states.
As well as GO commuter trains.Maybe a "GREAT LAKES LIMITED" Chicago,
Cleveland,Erie,Buffalo,Nia.Falls N.Y. & ON, St.Catherines and Toronto.Maybe thru to Montreal,QC. Comments?