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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by callmove
are there any shortlines that still use motor cars or speeders for track work or inspection?
  by wigwagfan
The Portland & Western has a speeder still in use for a track gang.

The Willamette Shores Trolley has a couple of speeders. I know the Oregon Pacific RR owns a speeder but I don't believe they typically use it (however they have hosted public speeder excursions; it's actually the only railroad I've ridden a speeder on myself).
  by litz
Neither the Ga Northeastern nor the Blue Ridge Scenic actually own motorcars, but there are a sizable number people involved with the Blue Ridge Scenic who own them.

They run 1 or 2 "work trips" a year for track cleanup (with the RR's permission, of course, and as a NARCOA approved trip) to keep things looking pretty for the passengers on the train.

As an aside ... anyone have a clue how some of the stuff found trackside ever manages to actually GET trackside?

I mean seriously - how does an entire stove/cooktop end up in the middle of the N.Ga woods next to train tracks in the middle of nowhere?

Or (and no, I'm not kidding) a stainless steel kitchen sink?

- litz
  by Arrestmespi
from personal experience of watching people dump
ATV's and big ole jacked up pickumup trucks
  by CBRy
Walkersville Southern RR still operates speeders and small track cars
as part of their maintenance operations, I believe.
  by RailVet
Yes, the WSRR does indeed use speeders for track maintenance. I don't foresee a time when they will be replaced by hi-railers.
  by Arrestmespi
The Maryland and Pennsylvania railroad preservation society runs speeders both for excursion service and work duties on a couple miles of disconnected track starting in muddy creek forks, PA