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  • Tell us where you were and what you saw!
Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by alex45
Yesterday, I decided to make another trip to Mansfield for 2 reasons. One it was my vacation week, and 2, the weather was a lot nicer the last time I went. Last time, it was like 30 degrees. Yesterday it was like 50. But anyway, I got to the station at 11:05am. My train wasent int the station yet. So I had to wait about 15 mins for it to come in. Once it come in, my train was a Commuter Rail, it had 6 single level cars, an F40 (engine 1059). We pulled out on time, once we pulled out, we passed a southbound Acela Express going to Washington, Engine 2034. We arrive and leave South Attleboro on time. Once we get to Attleboro, we had a red signal because we had to wait for a Northbound Regional to pass. Then we departed for Mansfield. We arrived in Mansfield at 12:10PM. Once that pulled out, the next train wouldnt come till 12:45pm, which was a Southbound Commuter Rail. Then at 1Pm, we saw the first Amtrak. It was a Northbound Acela Express. It flew the station at 150mph! WICKED COOL! The next train we saw was a southbound Acela. It was also going 150mph thru Mansfield. WICKED COOL AGAIN! The we saw a northbound Commuter Rail heading for Boston. The really cool part about it was, when it was departing, a southbound Regional blasted thru at 125mph. I have a video titled, "MBTA meets Amtrak" Ill give some links soon. Once that went by, the next Commuter Rail came at 2:40 headin for Providence. My friend hopped on that one home, but I stayed till 4:20. Once that pulled out, i waited for the next Acela. It was a Northbound Acela, except it was a 1/2 hour behind schedule. I didnt get a video of that cause my camera had low battery's, and for some odd reason, it wont let u record if u have low battery's. So I said, "ok w\e). So i got my camera ready for the next 1. The next train i saw was southbound Acela Express train 2171. The reason i knew its train # is because I see that train usually every week. So that flew thru at 150mph. Then 5 mins later, Regional train 175 flew thru at 125mph, that train had a lot of dust and stuff with it, cause it threw a lot of it at me. Once that went by i packed up and waited for my Commuter Rail home. It came at about 4:40, F40 engine # 1069. It had 3 single levels (1 500 series cars, (the comfy cars), and 3 kawasaki's with 1 900 series cars). It got me back into Providence at about 4:45pm. THERES MY STORY

  by alex45
The first 5 videos r from yesterday, i do need to upload a few more. But I think you will enjoy what I have atm. MAKE SURE TO COMMENT IF YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!