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  by jadebullet2
Hi guys. I am currently modeling the Reading's Shamokin Division in Virtual Scale in the 1950s, and as you probably know, the PRR ran parallel to the Reading's main all the way up to Pottsville. I have a few questions about the PRR's line in the area.

1) What sort of freight was hauled over the line, and from where. (I haven't really seen much industry along the line at all.)
2) What sort of power would have been used on the line in the mid 1950s.
3) How often did trains run on the line.

And finally, does anyone have any pictures, or track diagrams of the yard at Pottsville that the PRR had.

Thanks in advance.
  by John Johnstone

Regarding freight business on the Schuylkill Branch: I recall seeing two freights going through Manayunk: Around 1966 I saw one cross the "S" bridge with several tank cars, gaondolas and several cars with logs (pine?), pulled by 2 F7s. Around 1974, I was waiting for a passenger train in Manayunk to go to 30th Street and a Penn Central switcher passed going outbound with a couple tank cars and a few gondolas filled with scrap metal (there were a couple steel plants and chemical plants before Norristown and Freights did not go beyond Norristown after Hurricane Agnes hit in 1972). I don't believe coal was transported on that line after the early 1950's. I hope this helps.