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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Emmett
thank you for the info. also when do they seem to leave rockland when they do run. they used to leave around like 9 and run thru waldoboro around 9:30 but it seems that isnt the case. I am just wondering when they have been leaving rockland. thank you.
  by Goddraug
From what I've seen, Midcoast actually sent out their last loads a few weeks ago and are keeping cement on their property for local customers. They've sent up scrap gons to handle the removal of the whale belly hoppers and whatever else requires scrapping at the property.

I will also add that there were three cement cars on M426 on 11/24 (according to the Midcoast Facebook), but it wasn't specified if these were inbound or outbound. It's a pain living 3 hours away from the railroad and not being able to check for myself.
  by Emmett
yeah, but to reiterate my question what time (general hour/2 hour period) does midcoast leave rockland yard for brunswick, and brunswick for rockland. and are the runs they are doing same day or (to brunswick monday) and (to rockland thursday)
  by NHV 669
M426 would be eastbound cars, not sure why they would be receiving cement loads when they have the means to procure and store it on-site already without needing to pay a shipping or car hire cost.

They were westbound through Finntown Road in Warren at 09:45 with 2308 and one perlite hopper this morning. No idea if they're headed back east today.

At this point, they're probably not on any kind of specific operating schedule beyond moving the scrap cars out, and grabbing loads for ASA or DiCaperl.
  by Emmett
what are they gonna ship after the scrap is gone?
  by Goddraug
Metal for ASA, Perlite for DiCaperl, fish bait for O'Hara in the warmer months, and whatever else they can scrounge up in the next year.
  by Emmett
cool so hopefully they survive here. where are the boats (2308&2310) sitting usually. i was up last week and both monday and thursday i couldnt see them in rockland yard
  by NHV 669
Could have put them in the roundhouse.
  by Emmett
true actually. i was disappointed bc i rlly wanted to get photos
  by NHV 669
They were light engine through Warren WB just after 8 am yesterday, brought 2 empty flats from ASA to Brunswick, and returned east with 5 hoppers, including the 3 mentioned from M426.
  by Emmett
bruh they must have left rockland at the crack of dawn. like 7:00
  by Goddraug
More news from the web

- Midcoast is selling their Budd RDC in light of mechanical issues, and is looking to replace it with more conventional, engine-pulled passenger coaches by January.
- The gentleman I follow on LinkedIn has posted saying that they are now offering railcar storage as an option for customers.
- Midcoast is exploring a “Plan C” for passenger rail service according to an article put out by Penobscot Bay Pilot. No specifics about what that plan is but they sounded positive in their presentation of it.

The article’s comments has a few people saying that it’s over for Midcoast and they should just rip up the tracks for an “awesome” rail trail. Couldn’t show more bias if you had a shirt that said “I love rail trails!” on it.
  by NHV 669
Here's the link:

https://www.penbaypilot.com/article/mid ... Yir7nj5Drc

Midcoast can't sell an RDC they don't own...

Both of the ones they had were leased from AllEarth Rail, so the wording in the article is rather odd. Sounds like someone must have scooped the whole fleet from AEAX, along with whatever parts they may have on hand.
  by Emmett
it would suck if they went out of business. some other supplier better come and save em! (please for every midcoast maine area railfan)
  by NHV 669
They won't go out of business; only the DBA Midcoast name and lease would end. Worst case scenario, they take the equipment back to their NY operation and perhaps CSXT runs the short distance to ASA. DiCaperl is probably screwed if they leave.
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