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  by trainbrain
I am relatively new here and I mostly post in the NJ Transit forum, so this is my first post in this forum.

I have found a few pictures on the internet of R62 cars being reefed. The ones I found are below.

Here is 1367

Here is 1436 with another one on the left of the excavator. I can't make out the number.

I also found a picture of 1368 on a barge, but I couldn't post it here because it was too big and I don't know how to resize.

What was the reason for these cars being written off? They don't appear to be damaged like from the 4 train accident. Also, were any other r62's reefed that I did not picture here.
  by R36 Combine Coach
1367 and 1368 were part of 5-car set involved in a collision on 10/25/00. 1369-1370 were scrapped and 1366 went to FDNY. The remaining two cars were reefed, along with 1436 (a leftover car from the 1991 Union Square wreck).
  by BigUglyCat

The car to the left of the excavator looks like 9564 to me.

For re-sizing, take a look at irfanview. I've used it successfully. I'm not associated with the site other than having used it.
  by trainbrain
9564 is the Redbird car and it is on the right side of the excavator. The silver car on the left of the excavator looks to be another R62. Maybe it was 1367 or 1368 since those were reefed at the same time. The car in the water is 1436 which was leftover from the 4 train Union Square wreck.
  by R36 Combine Coach
9564 is a World's Fair R36 and was selected by the Queens Borough President in December 2004 as a visitors center at Borough Hall in Kew Gardens. Due to severe corrosion, Main Line R33 9075 was selected instead and 9564 was sent to final disposition in 2007.
  by 4400Washboard
Weren't the FDNY cars sent to the scrapper or did i make a mistake remembering?
Were the r62a rollsigns on ebay from these cars? (Im going to assume yes for now but perhaps they were bad ones from a perfectly good car?)
  by 4400Washboard
Also, the car in the corner looks like:

13X7 so i'll play it safe and call it 1367

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