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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by lexon
Been dating a woman in Ellington, Ct and cross tracks with exempt signs and realise trains not running anymore. Saw a discussion here but what surprised me were the concrete ties used. Saw a few stacks of them at a couple crossings.
I have wondered why those ties were used or were they found on sale? lol.
I might have missed a discussion about those ties though.
I saw lots of new wood ties in Northampton and Easthampton replaced on the Pan AM railway line.

  by YamaOfParadise
From the CNZR - Armory Branch thread:
F-line to Dudley via Park wrote:
bwparker1 wrote:
Larry wrote:CNZR is installing Cement ties and new track North of cement plant this past week just past Melrose CT off RTE 191. Per CNZR, the long and forever taking crossing for cement factory to be installed this spring (2015) and therefore they are once again laying ties and new track purchased from China (146lb) rail North of this crossing. Yes this could be a super speedway if ever was a will and a way when CNZR gets done with the upgrading. Nice to see this work getting done finally.
Why this work is being done does not make sense. Why such heavy infrastructure for nothing to run on? Unless there is a state grant to be spent.
The rail, yes. The concrete ties were a free donation from the defective batch that was ripped up on the Amtrak Shoreline a couple years ago. The pulled-up ties were going to be disposed of per the contract settlement with the manufacturer Rocla, so CNZR got to go through the rummage yard and salvage as many good ones as they needed for this job.
The ties were "defective" in the sense that they weren't up to whatever tolerance standards was needed for the NEC; but that is more than good enough for the kinds of speeds CNZR utilizes, and still be superior to wood. Dunno whatever happened to that plant that was talked about, though.
  by lexon
I do know the tracks end near the Mass/Ct border and a short rail trail after.
I have been travelling that area for three years and see no construction activity.
Nest time I will stop at the trolley museum. I am sure someone will know the details.

  by Larry
I spoke to Mr Bellevue (CNZR) and the issue with the Cement plant and their crossing. It is still on hold as of about a month ago. MB did not go into full explanation about why it hasn't gone in yet but he is suppose to call me so I can video taped it when it does go in. Therefore, anything North of that is also on hold. To me, CNZR was hoping they could get the rights back in up in MA so that they could ship freight on the line while the Springfield to Hartford to NH line is being worked on but that never came around. So everything at this point is on hold.