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  by jaygee
Sorry if this subject has been covered here before. I was skeptical, but after punching this in, it would appear to be
legit. I thought we had a Hippo, or M1 tender until I spotted the stoker motor door on the fireman's side of this
210F-84a tank. It's supposed to be in North Collins, New York....not terribly far from Hamburg. Anyone have the
skinny on this? I'll have to dig out my Roger Keyser material, but I thought all but one Big Jay tenders were accounted
for. Perhaps this is the back half of # 6435....the mystery Jay that fell through the cracks.
  by toolmaker
I wasn't sure what you were reporting so I did a search and found the video. The following quote is text copied from the description; "This is the last PRR 16 wheel tender. (Tender on the M1 at the museum is a 12 wheel tender) Tender located in North Collins, New York"


How did this escape the scrapper so far?

  by scottychaos
No mystery..
its a fairly well known piece of equipment. (at least in Western NY! ;)
its owned by the WNYRHS, has been for decades..
its a tender from a PRR M1.

according to the tender's owner, it was somewhat modified by the PRR after its career as a locomotive tender, used for a time as some kind of water tank,
(which could explain why some details might look a bit "not quite right"..)


  by jaygee
If that is a stoker motor access door on the left side, as is almost certain, then this will absolutely be a J1 tender.
PRR I1s and M1 had stokers under the cab decks. This is also not the radio equipment access door, which is
located on the other side (engineers)
  by jaygee
Well, I'll be dipped! Learned the other day that a small number of 210 F 75a's were built with stoker motors on the
tender. Guess it's never too late to learn something new. That would make it an M1 tender, but an extremely rare
one. My J1 fantasy is now punched...I'll go back under my rock.
  by RGlueck
I saw this tender in service as a storage tank in Hagerstown, Maryland, in the 60's. She still had her tender plate and it read she was from a 6700 locomotive, or an M1b . Glad she survived. I'd love to see her mated to the I1sa and RUN!