Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by NIMBYkiller
Bob, you are right and I am VERY upset by that. I've emailed the county more than enough times for them to know to leave space for my light rail line comming from the cross westchester corridor via the Oyster Bay-Rye bridge! :-)

  by peconicstation
Jo24Sam wrote:3 more...

How is it that the 4:01PM to Huntington and 4:04 to Babylon are NOT rush hour trains?! Who complained that much to get these two trains free of rush hour fares? I guess rush hour dosent start at 4PM afterall.

Train 2737, the 6:21 AM Speonk to Penn makes a Kew Gardens stop?! Probably the only diesel train (sorry forcive habit to call it that) to stop in the city terrminal zone thats not a terminal.
In addition the Cannonball is a "off peak" train, the train litself leaves HPA Fridays at 4:06, and the Penn Connection leaves anywhere from 3:58 to 4:01 depending on the time of the year. In addition the Monday Only extra train from Montauk to HPA gets in before 10:00 AM and this is also a "non-peak" train, it drives the conductors on the Jamaica to Penn connection crazy.

Train 2737, is a Dual Mode, so I guess the logic (?) is this gives Kew Gardens an additional Peak AM train.


  by Jo24Sam
[quote] Jo24Sam wrote:

I see that Oyster Bay only has 1 last 'Change at Mineola' train. It seems early enough that that equipment can run to Jamaica without track congestion. What does this equipment do after dumping passengers off at Mineola?

Heads back to Oyster Bay, presumably to provide equipment for 507

It cant possibly turn around in the station since the connecting train is 3 minutes later, or does it? Sounds like it has to make its way quite a ways west of Mineola to switch tracks at that point it may as well carry its passengers all the way to Jamaica.

  by NIMBYkiller
Maybe it just goes right back up and switches tracks up the OB.There is a switch between Mineola and E Williston.

  by robertwa
It continues westbound after it dumps its passengers at Mineola(at least past Merillon Ave. station where I see it pass)

  by RPM2Night
I think the equipment continues to Queens Interlocking where it can spin without blocking any east bound or west bound traffic.

  by LI Loco
Often I would see a diesel set sitting atop the Cross Island Parkway overpass. Obviously, this was the Mineola-Oyster Bay shuttle.

Guess someone woke up and realized that if they have to go this far for a run-around, might as well go all the way to Jamaica where passengers could make cross-platform connections to both New York and Brooklyn.

  by UN Block
Train 501 is scheduled to turn at Queens interlocking, arriving there at 5:54am.
  by SwingMan
Back in 2000 on the Montauk Branch, quite a few trains such as 2733 did not make a stop at Oakdale, Great River,or Islp which it now does, and t rains 2706 and 2709 originated at East Hampton. Train 1724 used to run from Brooklyn as a local. All of these trains were in the May 23, 2000 schedule.

  by M1 9147
Backing up the statement, 501 turns at Queens and becomes 3500 back to Oyster Bay to become one of the other diesel westbounds. When 2098 was added to the schedule as the Brooklyn Local going to Ronkonkoma, 1724 was taken out of the schedule in 2005, and 1722 became the Huntington Local out of Penn with a Far Rockaway connection at Jamaica. Hope this helps.
  by mathrocks0421
The only train scheduled to go from Jamaica (8:49) to New Hyde Park (8:58) in only 9 minutes. All other trains are at least 10 minutes.
  by mathrocks0421
Why no Port Jeff stop on the 6:49 Stonybrook->Penn? Port Jeff gets a 4 hr 27 min gap between trains. There is time from 6:36 when 660 arrives to 6:49 to move a train from PJ to Stonybrook.

Train 606 weekdays is the only train scheduled to do Huntington->Stonybrook in 34 minutes. All other trains take 36 minutes and up.
  by Ocala Mike
From the 6/19/60 System Time Table, I note that trains 263 (Ronkonkoma) and 639 (Port Jefferson), both W/B, stopped at Floral Park to discharge passengers (5:04 pm and 5:35 pm). There was also train 503, an early-bird Oyster Bay local that made regular stops at Floral Park, Bellerose, Queens Village, Bellaire, and Hollis on the way in just after 6:00 am.

Now E/B, there were trains 228 to Republic and 232 to Ronkonkoma that made Floral Park going "against the flow" in the am; could not find any OB or PJ trains making Floral Park E/B.

  by kuzzel540
In the span of 6 minutes, you can catch direct trains from Babylon to all 3 western terminals.

7:33 am to Flatbush Ave
7:37 am to Penn Station
7:39 am to Long Island City
  by mathrocks0421
On January 9, Jo24Sam said:

Train 6004 on weekends... 1:50AM Babylon local from Penn with a Far Rockaway connection at Valley Stream!
This train now leaves at 1:43 and still connects at VS.
Train 6003 on weekends... 1:31AM local from Babylon to Penn that makes a Far Rockaway connection at Valley Stream also.

Starting May 26, Westbound Babylon Weekend train 6003:
departs Babylon at 1:24
does all local stops to rvc at 1:59
no lynbrook
valley stream at 2:04
then rosedale, laurelton, locust, jamaica, kew gardens, forest hills, woodside, and penn.

Its the only Babylon I see that does rosedale, laurelton, locust. I presume this is the Babylon train with the most stops from Babylon to Penn.

The "east"bound (really southbound) Far Rock departs Valley Stream at 2:21, so one can do Babylon->Far Rock with only a 17 minute wait at VS.

This connection may be an accident, rather than the LIRR being smart, as the "connecting" train is clearly programmed to meet 6004, but not necessarily 6003. (If it were to meet 6003, then it seems to me that train 6003 could very easily leave Babylon 10 minutes later, with the 2 hour and 32 minute early morning Babylon westbound service gap after 6003.)

However, it is interesting to note that 6004 east, 6003 west, and the VS east train are all moved back 7 minutes earlier so maybe the connection is deliberate.
Whats odd here is there is a train taht leaves Babylon 17 minutes earlier (also a local). Thats a real short gap in off hours. I'm guessing its to bring home the weekend drunks that go to bars along Sunrise Hwy.
On the May 21 schedule, no more local train leaving 17 minutes earlier. (The trains are now 12:55 and 1:24 instead of 1:14 and 1:31.) Maybe it was a temporary construction thing that the half-hourly trains got bunched up 17 minutes apart.