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  by Statkowski
Any roster of such anywhere? I found a 1957 cabin car roster, but it does not include the passenger-equipped ones.

Were all such cars N5s? Or, were there other classes, too? Any special trucks used other than normal cabin car trucks?
  by urrengr2003
P Co did have some number of cabins dedicated to express train service. They were equipped with steam lines & signal lines. I believe they had a white star stenciled between the windows centered on the car body and the words " Railway Express Service". Have definitely seen pictures of such, recall seeing a roster of these cabins (perhaps on upscale decal site) but can't document. Picture I saw of this type cabin was on NYNH&H eastbound M&E train under wires indicating these cars ran-thru at least to New Haven.
  by Statkowski
Got the answer here (http://www.pennsyrr.com/index.php/passe ... ss-service) from friends on the New Haven forum.

The Pennsy's passenger-equipped cabin cars were mostly N5s, but they also had a few N5Bs and N5Cs in the mix, too.

The Pennsy's cars operated as far east as Boston, Mass. and Springfield, Mass. on the New Haven, and the New Haven's passenger-equipped hacks operated as far south as Washington, D.C. and as far west as Pittsburgh, Pa. on the Pennsy.

Unless shown otherwise, it appears only the Pennsy and New Haven had passenger-equipped cabooses. The New York Central, on the other hand, opted for rider coaches (downgraded passenger coaches and cabooses converted to rider coaches).

An aspect of railroading, and model railroading, not often discussed.