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  by Mark E. Smith
I recently saw an article about the train that handled the private car out of Oyster Bay. This was for a group of daily riders to comute too New York ( and other West end points ) on a daily basis. More or less like a private club.
As a locomotive engineer I worked this run for a week in the late forties.As an extra man I covered jobs that were open due to reguler men on vacation or off for other reasons. I had 30 years of this during my time with the L.I.R.R.
This club car was handled behind the locomotive in both derictions. On arrival at Long Island City the drill engine picked the train up of the road engine. ( Which returned lite to Morris Park) The clib car is cut off and train is placed on another track and club car is placed on East end for evening train for Oyster Bay.
On evening arrival in Oyster Bay engine cuts off and runs around train, cuts off club car and sets train on a track for morning westbound trip. Club car then picked up and added to West endof of train for A.M. train
  by Ocala Mike
I defer to Mark's "hands-on" experience with the Oyster Bay runs of the late forties. I wonder, though, if it's possible that during the period immediately AFTER the last steam run in 1955 (so, I mean late 1955-early 60's) the Club Cars were carried on the west end of the trains in both directions? This would have had them bringing up the rear of OB-bound trains and behind the diesel on LIC-bound trains.

I distinctly remember seeing the Club Cars at the rear of some OB-bound trains while trainwatching at track 8, Jamaica, during those years.

  by RetiredLIRRConductor
I started in 73, and any time I worked one was during the morning westbound rush. All the private cars I worked in the morning were on the east end of the trains. I don't know if that was on purpose or not, I was not the conductor. For years, the parlor cars were always on the east end of the trains, now I understand that on some trains they are now on the west end.
  by trainspot
An interesting side note, the "Oyster Bay" heavyweight car is now part of a private residence!
JAN 2005 report notes it has been sitting along the south side of Austin Road in Norvell Township, Jackson County, Michigan for at least the past 12 years. Now being incorporated into the side of private residence at 13491 Austin Road, approximately 5 miles west of Manchester, Michigan.

  by RetiredLIRRConductor
How cool is that? Now there is a buff! :wink:
  by Lsmock
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  by Lsmock
Just a few pics of the car in Michigan
  by Lsmock
  by RGlueck
I remember the "Oyster Bay", the "Syosset", and I believe the "Locust Valley", as subscription club cars on Port Jeff trains of the sixties. I think the "Locust Valley" might have been on the Oyster Bay line exclusively, but memory is not cast in cement. At any rate, they were former heavyweight sleepers, converted to club cars, but I don't think fully converted to parlor cars. I recall them in solid gray paint until "Syosset" received an orange window stripe. The "Syosset" is a leaky, gutted shell near the New Hope and Ivyland today. I don't know of its repair status.
  by FrankAndCindy
Hello Mark, Best wishes to a great guy. Frank Collura
  by jhdeasy
Speaking of former LIRR equipment in Michigan …

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the former LIRR 2077 SEBONAC (x New Haven 529 GROVE BEACH) was used as a private residence by a couple and their daughter in Michigan. They removed 5 of the 6 roomettes to create a living room. They modified the area with the 6 sections into a kitchen and dining room.

Today I believe this car, which has gone thru the hands of several owners, is stored out of service in western NJ.