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  by Bobby S
I am not sure where to place this dis-pleasement whether here or the NS forum etc... but as I looked out my backyard from my townhome in Perryville MD this morning I was rattled by awe and disbelief! The remnant cantenary pole (minus wire of course) that stood behind my town home was cut down to a shortened pole. WHY is my question. Was it in danger of falling? Was it rotted? Stacked trains made it under with no problem... I don't get it. It has been there from when I moved in at 2007. It was PRR History. Something my railfan friends saw and talked about the minute they walked out on my deck. Is this a plan to replace it? Or is there some other reason? I mean with today's company's bitching about costs and such they actually had money to spend to take this piece of history down! Sad if you ask me! Luckily I took pics of it! My 2 pennies!
  by GP30 5513
NS is in the process of reworking a portion of its rail lines in/around PA. Their Columbia Secondary (Columbia to Lancaster) had the catenary cut down last summer; only a select few remain. I would get used to seeing this, along with NS replacing the Pennsy Position Light signals with their own colored signals.

As much as I like seeing remnants of the Pennsy, NS (and every other Class 1) is in the business of running their railroad their way.